L-Norvaline: The Main Muscle Mass Support Ingredient


Pre-workout formulations for athletes and bodybuilders have long contained L-Norvaline plainly on the theory that the compound effectively prolongs bioavailability of the compound L-arginine by inhibiting arginase production which breaks down L-arginine. Recent scientific studies show, however, that although L-Norvaline may not directly be associated with protein synthesis, it has several effects in the body which can affect lean muscle mass development and overall workout performance. Many health supplements of the modern days now include L-Norvaline as among the primary ingredients as it provides many health benefits to the human body without causing certain unwanted side effects.

 What is L-Norvaline?

L-Norvaline is a pre-workout pump or booster which works primarily by increasing nitric oxide production in the human body. It is among the typical types of modified branched amino acids which are advised to be taken through health supplementation for having been studied upon in the last several years. Significant increase in nitric oxide with L-Norvaline supplementation effectively enhances workout performance by increasing blood supply towards distal portions of the body including muscle groups in need of constant oxygen and nutrient supply. With L-Norvaline, athletes and bodybuilders may enjoy performing extraneous exercises without experiencing fatigue and exhaustion.

Health benefits of using L-Norvaline

Aside from increasing muscle mass and maintaining energy levels during workout and athletic performances, L-Norvaline is also currently being studied upon for its other potential health benefits. Although scientific studies are lacking as to the other health benefits of L-Norvaline, many experts say that these health claims are highly potential. The following are some of the known potential effects of taking L-Norvaline:

  • It enhances tissue regeneration

Immediately after exercises, tissue tears and damage to the muscles are expected as a result of exhaustion. This is the reason why individuals experience pains and inflammation following workout exercises. Studies show that L-Norvaline helps enhance tissue and cell regeneration, thereby preventing lactic acid breakdown and development of pain and inflammation. The finding has been confirmed in several animal subject studies but is still in need of qualitative studies on human subjects. The manner on how L-Norvaline enhances tissue regeneration is not yet fully understood by experts.

  • It may enhance weight loss

Although the effect is indirect, some experts claim that L-Norvaline may enhance weight loss by maximizing weight loss efforts. The compound increases blood circulation throughout muscle groups during exercises and prevent exhaustion, thus effectively prolonging workouts. Some health supplements for weight loss contain L-Norvaline for its potential effects in maximizing efforts.

  • It may treat hypercholesterolemia

Many health experts are now developing interest over L-Norvaline for its claimed effects in treating hypercholesterolemia. Increased cholesterol levels have long been known to be associated with many disorders. Reducing cholesterol through L-Norvaline can help enhance wellness and longevity.


L-Norvaline is an effective solution for muscle development. Through L-Norvaline supplementation, workout efforts will be maximized for long-term exercise without exhaustion.

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