L-Rhamnose Monohydrate: A Deoxy Sugar for Assaying Intestinal Permeability

L-Rhamnose Monohydrate is used in anti-aging products

L-Rhamnose Monohydrate: A Deoxy Sugar for Assaying Intestinal Permeability

L-Rhamnose Monohydrate is a naturally-occurring deoxy sugar used widely in the field of food and beverage production. The compound also finds application in the cosmetic industry as it is shown to provide anti-aging effects among individual users. L-Rhamnose Monohydrate is also beneficial in the production of perfumes and fragrances.

What is L-rhamnose Monohydrate?

L-Rhamnose Monohydrate is a rare monosaccharide compound that is a common glycone component of several glycosides. The compound is found in both plants and bacteria. Essentially, it is responsible for maintaining the cellular wall structure of its plant sources.  It is also important in the manufacture of drugs and other pharmaceutical products as it can remove excess periodate in glycerol and other vicinal diol analysis. L-Rhamnose Monohydrate is also useful in assaying intestinal permeability.

L-Rhamnose Monohydrate appears as a white crystalline granule or a white crystalline powder when used in various applications. It is essentially soluble in water and methanol, but only sparingly soluble in ethanol.

Other names for the compound include 6-Deoxy-L-mannose, L-Rha • H2O, L(+)-Rhamnose Monohydrate, and Flucloxacillinsodium. It is described as having CAS number 6155-35-7 and molecular formula C6H14O6. The molecular weight of the compound is 182.17 g/mol.

Sources of L-rhamnose Monohydrate

Generally, L-rhamnose Monohydrate powder is derived from the hydrolytic liquid of Quercitin. Rhamnose is naturally obtained from Buckthorn, poison sumac, and plants in the genus Uncaria. The most common herbal source of L-rhamnose Monohydrate is Sophora japonica L. This is also the plant source for L-rhamnose Monohydrate powder sold at Nutriavenue.com, a legitimate online supplier of ingredients for dietary supplement formulations and other essential industry applications.

L-Rhamnose Monohydrate forms and specifications

The compound is usually used in the form of L-rhamnose Monohydrate powder with a 98% purity assay based on the High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) technique. It is available for purchase at Nutriavenue in bulk or lesser quantities. When bought in bulk, the compound is usually packed in paper drums with two layers of poly bags inside. Each drum contains a new weight of 25 kilograms.

If you have other preferences on the packaging, you may contact our technical support staff when making a purchase.

L-rhamnose Monohydrate vs. L-rhamnose

There are no significant differences between L-rhamnose or the anhydrous form of the compound and L-rhamnose Monohydrate in terms of benefits and possible health effects. This is because L-rhamnose Monohydrate, when dissolved, turns into its anhydrous form which is L-Rhamnose.

The distinction exists, however, on the molecular formula and structure of the compounds as L-rhamnose Monohydrate contains an additional water molecule. Also, the CAS number of L-rhamnose is 3615-41-6 while the CAS number of L-rhamnose Monohydrate is 6155-35-7.

How does L-rhamnose Monohydrate work?

As a sugar compound, L-rhamnose Monohydrate is believed to play vital roles in certain biological pathways. Aside from being an important component of microbial and plant cell wall structure, the L-rhamnose Monohydrate may be used in the production of some rare sugars such as L-talose and L-mannose. It is also believed that the compound may stimulate cellular proliferation and transmission of messages between cells through the addition of Rhamnose-Rich Oligo- and Polysaccharides to fibroblasts.

When combines with lipids, L-rhamnose Monohydrate also leads to the production of biosurfactants and emulsifiers. As a result, L-rhamnose Monohydrate may help improve the solubility and stability of other compounds in cosmetic products and dietary supplements.

L-Rhamnose Monohydrate benefits

The use of L-rhamnose Monohydrate may provide various benefits which include the following:

It may be used in skincare products

Modern cosmetic and skincare products usually include relative quantities of L-rhamnose Monohydrate. This is because the compound helps reduce the surface tension of some liquids by acting as a surfactant. The use of L-rhamnose Monohydrate may improve the texture and consistency of cosmetic and skincare products. It may also improve the stability of compounds in these products for the said compounds to provide desired effects easier.

Also, rhamnolipids or the combination of L-rhamnose Monohydrate or Rhamnose with lipids are now used in anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products.

It serves as an artificial sweetener

The compound is also used widely as a sugar substitute in food and beverage production. Accordingly, the compound is about 33% as sweet as sucrose or table sugar.

It is used to determine intestinal permeability

One of the most common applications of L-rhamnose Monohydrate is in assaying intestinal permeability. The compound is usually combined with lactulose to determine permeability in the small intestines as they are commonly broken down in the cecum by colonic bacteria.

L-Rhamnose Monohydrate is also among the disaccharides which are used to assess transcellular and paracellular transport capacity across the intestinal mucosa. 

L-Rhamnose Monohydrate side effects

There are no associated side effects with the use of L-rhamnose Monohydrate. Nonetheless, it is important to discontinue the use and consumption of products containing L-rhamnose Monohydrate if serious symptoms such as allergic reactions and changes with vital signs occur. Pregnant and lactating women, as well as those who are suffering from certain medical conditions, are also advised to consult their physicians before using products with L-rhamnose Monohydrate.

L-Rhamnose Monohydrate Acceptable Daily Intake

In general, the recommended Acceptable Daily Intake for L-rhamnose Monohydrate and other glycosides is at 0-2mg/kg body weight. However, persons who are taking medications for certain diagnosed disorders should consult their physicians as the compound may cause certain drug interactions. The Acceptable Daily Intake for the compound may also vary depending on the individual user’s age, weight, and overall physical condition.

Where to buy bulk L-rhamnose Monohydrate powder?

Bulk L-rhamnose Monohydrate powder is available at several ingredient suppliers offering services online. However, when selecting a good supplier, it is important to ensure that your choice is a legitimate source.

Nutriavenue is an ingredient supplier registered with the Food and Drug Administration and recognized by Halal, Kosher, and GMP. Our company is one of the best choices for the purchase of bulk ingredients as we offer high-quality products at very affordable prices.

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