L-Threonine: An Essential Amino Acid For Liver Health And Improved Cognition

L-threonine promotes cognition

L-Threonine: An Essential Amino Acid For Liver Health And Improved Cognition

L-threonine is a proteinogenic amino acid with some established pharmacological effects. The compound is known to have certain effects in improving brain-to-muscle coordination. It also plays a vital role in fat metabolism in the liver and digestion.

What Is L-Threonine?

L-threonine is the active form in the L-configuration of the essential amino acid Threonine. Since the amino acid Threonine is not produced naturally in the human body, it is obtained from food or dietary supplement products. An adult requires about 20 mg/kg body weight per day of Threonine as it is vital in maintaining various bodily processes, including metabolism and cellular development. L-threonine supplementation helps promote strength and elasticity of connective tissues and supports healthy bone and muscle development. It is also found to help promote wound healing.

L-threonine in dietary supplement formulations is also referred to as Threonine, 2-Amino-3-hydroxybutanoic acid, and Threonin. It is identified through CAS number 72-19-5 and the molecular formula of C4H9NO3. The compound has a molecular weight of 119.12 g/mol.

The L-threonine powder has a slightly savory aroma and a whitish crystalline powder appearance. The compound is also easily soluble in water but not in organic solvents like ethanol.

L Threonine Compare To Other Ingredients

L-threonine vs D-threonine

Essentially, L-threonine is the mirror of D-threonine. The important difference between the said compounds is that, unlike L-threonine, D-threonine has low nutritional value and other D-amino acids. Hence, mammals, including humans, only consume L-amino acids such as L-threonine.

L Threonine vs. Serine

Serine is an essential amino acid that is vital to cognitive health. It is usually used as a substitute for Threonine. However, Threonine and Serine are significantly different in terms of structure, as the former has a methyl substituent in place of one of the hydrogens on the β carbon.

L-threonine vs. L-theanine

L-theanine is another popular amino acid compound used in modern dietary supplement formulations. While oftentimes confused as being similar, there are certain differences between L-threonine and L-theanine regarding their effect on the human body. L-threonine is known to primarily affect the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system by improving cognitive functions like learning and memory. In contrast, L-theanine mainly works in the nervous system by promoting relaxation and calming effects.

L-threonine and Glycine

Glycine is a protein-building block that is the result of Threonine catabolism. It acts in the brain to stimulate or inhibit certain reactions involving cognition, appetite, and perception. L-threonine and Glycine are both essential for vital bodily processes. L-threonine is necessary for the synthesis of glycine during the production of L-carnitine.

Serine/Threonine Kinases

The Serine/Threonine protein kinase is an important kinase enzyme in cellular proliferation and apoptosis. This kinase enzyme has been shown to have certain roles in cancer growth. Hence, Serine/Threonine kinase inhibitors are currently being used to help control the development of cancer cells.

How Does L-Threonine Work?

L-threonine is known to affect metabolism processes, especially that of fats in the liver. Glycine, which is derived from L-threonine, is also known to modulate nervous system actions, as well as muscle movements. Essentially, many conditions associated with abnormal transmission of impulses between the muscles and the brain may be prevented with L-threonine supplementation.

Health Benefits Of L-Threonine Supplementation

  • It may help with muscle tightness.

As suggested in studies, muscle tightness or stiffness due to exercising or underlying health conditions may be controlled with L-threonine supplementation. The compound is believed to help reduce muscle control conditions and improve coordination between the nerves and the muscles. It also helps resolve muscle spasticity. Studies also suggest that the compound may work against Multiple Sclerosis and Lou Gehrig’s disease.

  • It supports liver health.

L-threonine is also useful in supporting liver health. It was found that the compound may help reduce energy expenditure in the liver and promote mitochondrial uncoupling. It is also said that the compound may improve recovery among patients with alcohol-induced liver damage. L-threonine may also support the metabolism of fats in the liver to prevent metabolic conditions.

  • It promotes bone health.

L-threonine supplementation also promotes bone health as it increases bone mineral density. In effect, it is believed that the compound may prevent demineralization and prevent weakening of the bones and fractures.

  • It relieves nerves and promotes cognition.

When metabolized into glycine, L-threonine is also known to affect nervous system functions, including overall cognition. Hence, the compound may be useful in promoting learning and memory. L-threonine may also relieve nerves and prevent their degeneration.

L-Threonine Side Effects

L-threonine supplementation does not cause side effects when taken within recommended doses. However, some users have reported that mild symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and stomach irritation may occur within the first few doses of the compound. The symptoms are expected to disappear eventually. If symptoms persist or when serious adverse reactions occur, users are advised to discontinue the use of the compound and immediately consult a physician.

L-Threonine Dosage

In most sources, the recommended dose for L-threonine supplementation is 100 to 500 mg per day. Nonetheless, the dosage may vary depending on the user’s age, weight, and current physical condition. Persons taking medications may also have different doses of L-threonine.

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