L-threonine: The Efficient Amino Acid for Spasticity Conditions


L-threonine: The Efficient Amino Acid for Spasticity Conditions

Nervous system disorders are among the most complicated and difficult illnesses to resolve as they involve the most complex organs of the human body. Many nervous system illnesses involve symptoms of severe muscle contractions which are usually involuntary in nature. This symptom is defined as spasticity. In order to resolve the symptom, many physicians prescribe various medications to reduce muscle contractility.

Some experts also recommend intake of amino acid compounds, specifically, L-threonine, to help control muscle contractility or spasticity. The compound L-threonine is converted into Glycine when introduced in the human body. In turn, Glycine works in the brain to control sending off of impulses towards muscle areas, thus reducing contractions.

This does not mean, however, that L-threonine supplementation may stop contraction of involuntary muscle groups such as the heart muscles and other smooth muscles. L-threonine supplementation may also provide other benefits among individual users, provided that it is taken within recommended doses.

What is L-threonine?

The amino acid L-threonine is one of the most effective preventive measures for spasticity, according to studies. The compound is classified as an essential amino acid, thus, it is not produced naturally by the body and individuals must take dietary supplements or food sources with L-threonine to meet the body’s needs for the compound. L-threonine is the last proteinogenic acid which was discovered in the 1930’s. Since its discovery, a lot of studies have been conducted on L-threonine and its effects in the human body.

L-threonine is known to be useful in the support of connective tissues. This means that it is necessary in the production of cells and tissues necessary for building the body’s overall framework. Studies also show that L-threonine has high concentrations in the heart, meaning, it is necessary for effective contractility and protection of heart muscles. Many manufacturers of modern health supplements include L-threonine in their formulations due to its many benefits when taken by humans.

What are the benefits of using L-threonine?

L-threonine is found in different concentrations in the human body. The following are among the benefits of using the compound in health supplements:

  • It improves antibody production

In one study, experts have observed that patients who take L-threonine have improved resistance and immunity function. It is believed that L-threonine plays a vital role in antibody production, thereby strengthening immunity responses.

  • It may improve liver health

L-threonine is also found to be useful in preventing fat accumulation in the liver and other organs involved in fat metabolism. This function is beneficial in preventing fatty liver diseases.

  • It is necessary in collagen production

Collagen is the basic compound necessary in the structure of bones, skin, muscles and many other organs of the body. Experts say that L-threonine is important in the production of collagen and is therefore necessary to improve the body’s overall structure.


Taking L-threonine supplements improve function of many organ systems. However, excessive doses of the compound can be dangerous to health.

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