L-Valine: A Supplement that you cannot Live Without


L-Valine: A Supplement that you cannot Live Without

What is L-Valine? 

L-Valine is one of the 9 most important amino acid belonging to BCAA or Branched Chain Amino Acid.Along with the other BCAA, L-Leucine and l-Isoleucine, they work together to provide positive effects on the human body like metabolism, muscle growth, energy supply and a lot more.  These essential amino acids are daily needed by the body but can’t be produced by the body so it needs to be consumed through dietary sources or supplements.

Food Sources:

Therefore it is very important for us to take foods rich in L- Valine such as peanuts, beans, soy proteins, cottage cheese, eggs, raw fish, and meat. Typically, these foods with high L-valine contents are very popular among athletes and body-builders for it can promote muscle growth. Therefore, during rigorous exercise, supplementation is highly recommended.  L-leucine can also be found in meat, beef, poultry products, wheat products and most type of fish like tuna, haddock, salmon and trout. These are beneficial in the metabolism of muscle tissue.  L-Isoleucine foods are almonds, cashew, peas, and soy protein which help in the repair and rebuilding of muscles like Valine does.


1. L-valine mainly works in the muscles not in the liver which makes it important for the supply of energy needed by the muscle tissue during the intensive work-outs.

2. L-valine helps maintain physical strength and helps in the recovery of the muscles damaged after the activity. L-valine which are taken through foods is not enough for body-builders therefore it should be taken in balance with the other amino acids- L-leucine and L-Isoleucine.

3. Furthermore, the l-valine with the other BCAAs prevent muscle disorders, muscle breakdown and tone loss.

4. This amino acid also serves as an appetite suppressant therefore L-valine can work in weight-loss.

5. This is also important for the ideal growth of the children and are necessary for upholding the organ and cell functioning.

6. L-valine helps in the maintenance of nitrogen level in the body which helps in the proper functioning of the kidney and liver.

7. Other L-valine benefits are reduction of insomnia, stress and nervousness.

What is the recommended and safe dosage?

Valine should be taken with the other branch chain amino acids in balance. In taking this supplement, it is recommended to have a daily intake of about 2mg of L-valine and 2 mg of L-Leucine with 1 mg of L-Isoleucine for optimum absorption.

Side Effects:

There are several side effects if valine is taken in excess amount. Firstly, it can lead to hallucination or false illusions and crawling sensation on skin. In some cases are headaches, and it is not advisable that people with kidney or liver disease to consume high amount of these amino acids.

On the other hand, when there is valine deficiency, it can also result to poor performance especially in the muscle building and is dangerous for those who have maple syrup disease or MSUD in which they can’t metabolize BCAAs. It is still best to consult the doctor before taking this especially when you have medical problems. But for people with sufficient high protein intake, supplementation is not essential anymore.

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