Lactisole: The Salt Compound with Sweetness Inhibition


Lactisole: The Salt Compound with Sweetness Inhibition

In the field of food production, Lactisole is widely used as a sweetness inhibitor. It is typically included in jellies and other fruit-preserved formulations as it helps reduce sweetness and allows the taste of the fruit preserved to come out. While some manufacturers of food products promote the use of Lactisole, some others avoid the compound for certain reasons. In the field of research, Lactisole is also beneficial especially in the studies of human body reactions to artificial sweeteners and other sugars. It is also beneficial as a baseline compound in various animal subject studies. In the recent years, some manufacturers of health supplements products began to include Lactisole in their formulations for various reasons. Although there are no exact health benefits found to be associated with Lactisole use, many experts are conducting studies to establish claims associated with Lactisole use. Studies are also being conducted to fully determine whether the use of the compound is safe and effective for human users.

What is Lactisole?

The compound Lactisole is a carboxylic acid salt. It is typically isolated from Colombian arabican coffee beans when such coffee beans are roasted. It may also be found in other plant sources according to some studies. Lactisole is very popular as a taste modifier and an agent for controlling sweetness in food products. Although experts have not yet fully discovered how it controls taste, some studies reveal that it may work by controlling taste receptors and perception of the sweet flavor. It does not, however, make food taste bitter or sour. It mainly works in the sensory glands themselves. The unique thing about Lactisole, according to experts, is that it works as a sweetness sensory inhibitor among humans but it does not work as such in rodent subjects. Today, experts are studying on Lactisole and its potential health benefits, as well as safety dosages for the compound.

What are the benefits and advantages of using Lactisole?

In the health supplement field, Lactisole is useful and advantageous as well for many reasons. The following are some of the uses and benefits of using Lactisole:

  • It may be used in insulin secretion studies

Since Lactisole is known to help suppress sensory taste receptors for sweetness, some experts suggest that it may be used to determine pathways on glucose-induced insulin secretions in the pancreas. For this reason, Lactisole may be beneficial in the field of research.

  • It inhibits insulin secretion in artificial sweeteners

One study has shown that Lactisole supplementation, along with artificial sweeteners, effectively inhibit insulin secretion. This is an important finding in determining treatments for glucose shoot-ups and down-falls in the blood.

  • It may inhibit insulin secretion in glucose stimulants

The most important finding on Lactisole is that it may inhibit excessive insulin production brought about by glucose intake. However, this finding is still subject to confirmation.


Not much is known on Lactisole and its potential effects in the human body. This is the reason why it is not recommended for use except within recommended amounts.

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