Lactoflavin powder: It Is The Effective Treatment for Riboflavin Deficiency

Lactoflavin powder

Lactoflavin powder: It Is The Effective Treatment for Riboflavin Deficiency

The healthy human diet consists of various nutrients which are both produced and not produced naturally in the human body. Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin is one of the vitamins which must be supplemented through diet as it is not produced in the body but is absolutely necessary for sustenance. Lactoflavin powder, also known as Riboflavin powder, is typically included in health supplement formulations indicated for both men and women as well as in supplements for children as it is quite useful in the enhancement of energy levels. It generally contributes in the conversion of glucose or carbohydrates from food eaten into energy in the cells of the human body. Lactoflavin powder is also beneficial in enhancing conversion of fats and protein or amino acids into their simplest molecular forms for absorption in body cells.

What is Lactoflavin powder?

The term “Lactoflavin” is a less common name which refers to the popular vitamin known as Riboflavin. Although Lactoflavin can be taken from food sources like lean meats, mushroom and other sea foods, it is best supplemented by taking nutritional supplements as it ensures sufficient intake for a given day. Persons who are not fond of eating food sources for Lactoflavin may benefit through Lactoflavin powder supplementation as it helps give the body sufficient energy sources. It also helps primarily in the breakdown of macronutrients in their micronutrient forms. Many individuals who are taking Lactoflavin powder supplements are observed to have improved wellness after a few doses. Patients with deficiency for Riboflavin may also take Lactoflavin powder supplements to treat the condition and prevent dangers of having Riboflavin deficiency.

Health benefits of using Lactoflavin powder

Lactoflavin powder supplementation may provide various health benefits for users of all ages. Overdose must be prevented, however, to avoid adverse effects. The following are some of the advantages of using Lactoflavin powder:

  • It may improve metabolism

The metabolic functions of the body are affected by Riboflavin levels. Experts say that Lactoflavin powder supplementation may be useful in enhancing metabolism, thereby promoting weight loss and preventing dangerous effects of excessive weight, especially among Diabetic patients.

  • It may improve circulation

Lactoflavin also promotes circulation in general. By increasing Lactoflavin levels through Lactoflavin powder supplementation, sluggish circulation due to problems with blood viscosity and other factors may be prevented. It may also be useful in preventing oxygenation problems.

  • It may regulate thyroid activity

The thyroid gland is also a vital metabolism organ. It has been observed in clinical studies that Lactoflavin powder supplementation is beneficial in regulating thyroid activity and in preventing hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. It may also help prevent other thyroid problems among high risk individuals.


Using Lactoflavin powder supplements is advisable among individuals, both young and old. For patients who are taking certain medications, however, Lactoflavin powder supplementation must be with advice of physicians.

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