Lavender Extract: Medicinal Tool for the Treatment of Several Diseases in Early Days

Lavender Extract

Lavender Extract: Medicinal Tool for the Treatment of Several Diseases in Early Days

Used in both religious and medical fields for thousands of years, many records are available in different regions across the world on the potential usages of Lavender extract. While health researches do not fully present pharmacodynamic effects of Lavender in the human body, hundreds of quantitative studies reveal that the extract contains tons of essential compounds necessary for the maintenance and regulation of various bodily processes. Individuals who take Lavender extract through inhalation route via aromatherapy and oral route through health supplementation are also shown to have developed improved overall wellness over time. The use of Lavender extract is advisable not only among elderly individuals who are manifesting symptoms of bodily deterioration but also among persons who seek to prevent rapid onset of aging process.

What is Lavender extract?

Lavender extract is a historic medicinal tool for the treatment of several diseases including those associated with hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalances. Lavender oil is also shown to have been used in the mummification process of Egyptians as well as in the production of perfumes. With the advent of medical science, several experts have developed methods on how to take extract of Lavender herb through advanced laboratory procedures. The production of laboratory-extracted lavender extract has paved the way to the manufacture of Lavender-containing health supplements which are promoted today as among the most efficient health supplements for better health.

What are the benefits of using Lavender extract?

The extract of Lavender is commonly used topically during massage but it can also be taken through health supplementation. The following are some of the known health uses of Lavender extract in the field of medical science:

1. It may reduce emotional stress

Individuals who are exposed to high levels of stress may find relief with Lavender extract aromatherapy as the scent of the extract activates the release of happy hormones as well as neurotransmitters in the brain which are responsible for the regulation of emotions. It also promotes relaxation of tense muscles as it is revealed to have sedative effects. In one study, it was also found that the compounds in Lavender extract may help reduce pain sensation including those associated with nerve malfunction.

2. It promotes menstruation

Although not considered as a major health problem in the early days, modern studies show that the number of individuals suffering from irregular menstrual cycles has significantly increased in the past years, thereby making it a potential health concern. Studies reveal that Lavender extract supplementation can contribute to improved menstrual cycle as it enhances hormonal production and prevents development of stress.

3. It may treat gastrointestinal conditions

Even in the historic times, Lavender extract has been used by experts in the treatment of various gastrointestinal diseases including stomach upsets and increased flatulence. There are no medical explanations available as to how Lavender extract enhances gastrointestinal function but quantitative researches show efficiency.


Lavender extract is among the most popular historical medicinal extracts. With the evidences available on record, there is no doubt that Lavender extract health supplements are safe and effective.

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