Licorice extract: The Herbal Extract for Eczema and Tooth Decay

Licorice extract

Licorice extract: The Herbal Extract for Eczema and Tooth Decay

One of the contributions of the early Egyptian community in the field of alternative medicine is the introduction of Licorice as a cure-all herbal tea. Later on, the use of Licorice extract has spread in many other regions of the world, including the Chinese community where it became a popular alternative medicine for various illnesses. Today, Licorice extract is a well-known health supplement ingredient for disorders affecting the gastrointestinal tract. An important finding on Licorice extract is that it is found to be beneficial for patients who are suffering from peptic ulcer due to Helicobacter pylori microorganism growth in the stomach. Studies show that Licorice extract helps supress H.pylori growth in the gastrointestinal tract, thereby preventing illnesses associated with growth of the microorganism, especially peptic ulcer. Many studies are still being conducted on Licorice extract and its effects in the human body as it is not yet recognized by the Food and Drgu Association of the United States as a useful medication.

What is Licorice extract?

The health supplement ingredient Licorice extract is well-known as well in the field of food manufacture as it is used as a sweetener in beverages and in candies. It has been in the field of alternative medicine for thousands of years but health studies on Licorice extract only began in the recent decades. Licorice extract is known to be an adaptogen herbal supplement ingredient. This means that it may be used in allowing the body to adapt naturally to changes in environment as well as in the sudden changes of stress levels sot which the body is subjected. Licorice extract may also be used to treat adrenal fatigue or problems with adrenal hormone production due to excessive exposure to stressful environment. There are many other uses of Licorice extract as found in individual health studies but these claims are still subject to deeper studies and confirmatory researches.

What are the benefits of using Licorice extract?

Taking Licorice extract supplements provide the following benefits:

  • It may help improve cancer treatments

Modern researches show that Licorice extract supplementation may be useful in the prevention and treatment of both prostate and breast cancer. Some experts also say that it may work in other cancer types as Licorice extract contains some antioxidant compounds.

  • It may help treat eczema

A great portion of the population is said to suffer from the skin condition eczema. In one study, it was found that Licorice extract supplementation may help treat symptoms of the condition. Licorice extract in topical applications may also reduce symptoms of eczema.

  • It may prevent tooth decay

Experts also say that Licorice extract supplementation may assist in tooth decay prevention among high risk groups. This study is not yet fully confirmed.


Licorice extract is one of the most beneficial herbal supplement ingredients. It may be used safely without risks as long as it is taken within recommended doses.

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