Ligustrum lucidum extract: Immunity Booster for Cancer and HIV Prevention

Ligustrum lucidum extract

Ligustrum lucidum extract: Immunity Booster for Cancer and HIV Prevention

Tumor growth in various parts of the body brought about by rapid growth of abnormally-immature cells is believed to be treated with various herbal supplement ingredients including Ligustrum lucidum extract. In a recently conducted study, experts observed that the extract Ligustrum lucidum can effectively enhance immune system function, thereby increasing the body’s resistance against various illnesses, possibly, including cancer. Infections by several microbial strains can also be prevented with Ligustrum lucidum extract supplementation, although the specific species against which the extract may work against are not yet fully established. The health supplement ingredient Ligustrum lucidum extract has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine as a tonic and a treatment of several illnesses but its use in the modern field of medicine is only recently recognized by medical practitioners.

What is Ligustrum lucidum extract?

Also known as privet or European privet, Ligustrum lucidum is a popular herb in the field of alternative medicine. The fruit, bark and leaves of the plant is used in the making of treatments as these parts yield high amounts of essential nutrients for better health. The herb has a strong, unpleasant odor and its fruits are usually eaten by birds. Extract from the various parts of the herb also yields high quantities of lingustrin, a type of oleanoic acid. While most of the health claims associated with the use of Ligustrum lucidum extract are not yet fully proven, it is believed to be very useful among individual users.

What are the benefits of using Ligustrum lucidum extract?

Increasing lingustrin levels through Ligustrum lucidum extract supplementation can provide many health benefits. The following are among the primary benefits of taking Ligustrum lucidum extract for long periods of time through supplementation:

  1. It may improve vision

Studies show that certain compounds in Ligustrum lucidum extract other than lingustrin can improve vision and prevent certain eye disorders including macular degeneration. It may also help prevent blurring of vision brought about by aging and other causative factors. Experts also say that Ligustrum lucidum extract may prevent wavering of vision, especially among elderly individuals.

  1. It may treat chronic inflammation

Chronic or long-term inflammation or infection caused by underlying health conditions can be treated with Ligustrum lucidum extract, according to recent studies. As a potential anti-inflammatory agent, experts say that the extract may be included in medical formulations indicated for inflammatory health conditions in the years to come.

  1. It may help HIV patients

Patients who are suffering from HIV are at high risk for various infections due to the immuno suppressing effects of the microbial disease. In one study, it was found that Ligustrum lucidum extract supplementation may be effective in preventing rapid spread of infection among patients with HIV.


There are limited modern clinical studies to back Ligustrum lucidum extract benefits on human subjects but many experts say that it is potentially useful. Only mild side effects may result with Ligustrum lucidum extract among some groups of individuals.

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