Lime flower extract: Cellular and Nerve Cell Relaxation

Lime flower extract

Lime flower extract: Cellular and Nerve Cell Relaxation

The sweet fragrance of Lime flower has led to the discovery of the using the ingredient in the development of herbal tea for various illnesses during the Middle age. While the exact pharmacodynamic effects of Lime flower extract and herbal teas are not fully known both in historic and modern medicine, many experts say that the health supplement ingredient may promote health by relieving cellular and muscle tension, promoting healthy digestion and easing out anxiety. Manufacturers of cosmetic products for better skin health also include Lime flower extract in their formulation as it effectively smoothen skin and regulates skin moisture. The bark and leaves of the Lime flower tree are used as well in making alternative medicine formulations but the flowers of the plant are known to yield highest amounts of essential compounds and nutrients.

What is Lime flower extract?

Lime flower extract is a well-known ingredient in the formulation of many health supplements indicated for stress-exposed adults. Although the lime flower is mostly used in making teas, studies show that taking the extract of the flower also produces almost similar health benefits, aside from other internal body uses. Safety studies on Lime flower extract are also being conducted in many laboratories all over the world to fully determine the extent of safety doses for Lime flower extract use. It is also being studied in a more extensive manner following initial findings that it may help reduce mucus development among patients who are suffering from mucus-forming infections.

Health benefits of using Lime flower extract

Like many other health supplement ingredients, Lime flower extract has certain health benefits which are ideal for adults in the modern generation. Younger individuals may also take Lime flower extract supplements, provided that prior consultation is made with physicians. Some of the most popular health uses of Lime flower extract include the following:

  • It may help cure eczema

In the ancient times, Lime flower is used in making medications for skin diseases, including eczema. Researchers say that patients, who are suffering from the disease, including babies, may benefit from Lime flower extract supplementation as the compounds found in the ingredient are claimed to be effective in enhancing moisture and promoting skin cell nourishment.

  • It may help cure insomnia

The anxiety and stress-relieving effects of Lime flower extract are also believed to extend to the ingredient’s effect in helping cure insomnia or difficulty sleeping. The compounds in Lime flower extract effectively promote relaxation, thereby promoting sleep.

  • It may lower blood pressure

Although the claim is still not proven with concrete evidences, some experts say that Lime flower extract may also help lower blood pressure. The effects are not, however, instantaneous.


Other than safety issues, the use of Lime flower extract is highly advisable. Many phytochemical researches are being conducted to determine all the compounds found in the ingredient.

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