Liquorice extract: Natural Solution for Hormonal Imbalances

Liquorice extract

Liquorice extract: Natural Solution for Hormonal Imbalances

Native in European and Asian regions, the herb Liquorice has long been used as a source of a sweet flavor as it enhances taste without dangers to health. Its herb name has been derived from an old French term which means “sweet root”. Because of its unique taste, Liquorice began to gain popularity into different regions across the world, as well as in the field of alternative medicine where it was discovered to have potential benefits in improving overall health. In the modern era, scientists have begun to conduct health studies on Liquorice extract and its uses in the field of health supplement manufacture. Although it was claimed to be quite beneficial for various purposes, experts have found that excessive doses of Liquorice extract may result to dangerous side effects such as increase in blood pressure, reduction in Potassium levels and general body malaise.

What is Liquorice extract?

The term “Liquorice extract” refers to the British term for “Licorice extract”. It is therefore similar to Licorice extract which is the more common term for the herbal supplement ingredient. Liquorice extract, according to historical studies, has been used in both the Eastern and Western traditional medicine. Because of its extensive use for thousands of years, it has already been subjected to various health studies, although confirmatory studies are still necessary to recognize Liquorice extract as a medication for specific illnesses. Studies show that Liquorice extract is very useful in improving digestive health. It may also work in treating several illnesses affecting the respiratory tract and is believed to help fight off viral infections in the lungs. Some experts also say that Liquorice extract supplementation may work in controlling signs and symptoms of asthmatic attacks but it is not necessarily useful in treating sudden manifestation of symptoms as it is not proven whether it has bronchodilatory effects.

What are the benefits of using Liquorice extract?

Liquorice extract may also be included in health supplement formulations as it provides the following benefits:

  • It may improve reproductive hormone production

Recent studies show that Liquorice extract supplementation may contribute to effective production of female hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. . Although it is not fully understood how it works in this manner, it was shown that women who take Liquorice extract have lowered risk for hormone imbalance-associated illnesses.

  • It may control menopausal symptoms

Because of its function in improving hormone production among women, experts say that Liquorice extract may also be effective in controlling menopausal symptoms. This is because it helps treat off signs and symptoms of hormonal imbalances.

  • It may improve female fertility

Liquorice extract supplementation may also be advantageous in improving fertility among women. It is not proven whether similar effects apply among men.


Although many of the benefits of using Liquorice extract relate to women, it may also be useful for men users. It is quite beneficial when taken within recommended doses.

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