Lithospermi Radix Extract: The Anti-hypersensitivity Supplement Ingredient

Lithospermi Radix Extract

Lithospermi Radix Extract: The Anti-hypersensitivity Supplement Ingredient

Both inflammatory and allergic reactions are common responses of the immune system upon exposure of the body to invading microorganisms or certain stimulating factors. These responses are normal in mild forms, but excessive inflammation and allergic reaction can result to serious symptoms which may cause the death of individual patients. Health supplements containing relative amounts of Lithospermi Radix Extract are said to be useful in the control of inflammatory and allergic reactions of the body. Despite these established modes of action, researchers say that Lithospermi Radix Extract does not in any way result to the suppression of the immune system within dangerous levels. It must not, however, be taken beyond the doctor-recommended levels as it may cause certain dangerous side effects associated with immunity responses.

What is Lithospermi Radix Extract?

The health supplement ingredient Lithospermi Radix Extract, in alternative medicine practices, is commonly used in fighting off allergic reactions as it is found to reduce histamine production in mice subjects. The responses in animal subjects are believed to apply as well to human users, although the exact pharmacodynamic pathways of the compounds in Lithospermi Radix Extract are not yet fully explored. Quantitative studies are made available to show the effects of Lithospermi Radix Extract in allergy control but these studies are only limited to showing results through numerical results. Although Lithospermi Radix Extract is not yet fully recognized as medicinal source in the field of medicine due to lack of exact pattern studies, many experts recommend its use as it is shown to be quite useful not only among adults but also among younger individuals.

What are the benefits of using Lithospermi Radix Extract?

Supplementation of the health supplement ingredient Lithospermi Radix Extract is beneficial for various reasons. Among the benefits of using Lithospermi Radix Extract supplements include the following:

  • It may treat eczema

Eczema is a health condition which is often unresponsive to ordinary treatments. Among the most common alternative treatments for the condition include Lithospermi Radix Extract supplementation. Experts say that the compounds in Lithospermi Radix Extract help reduce eczema-associated symptoms among individual users.

  • It may help control joint pain

Joint pains in most instances are brought about by inflammation. Studies show that Lithospermi Radix Extract may be used in reducing joint pain as it helps control inflammation in the joint areas. For this purpose, Lithospermi Radix Extract is only used in pain symptom reduction but not exactly in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism.

  • It may treat nausea and vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are symptoms which may be associated with various health conditions. Although these symptoms naturally disappear in time, immediate relief may be had with Lithospermi Radix Extract supplementation, according to researches.


Taking Lithospermi Radix Extract is primarily advantageous among patients who often experience hypersensitivity reactions. It can be used by adults and younger individuals within designated doses.

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