Liver Health for Longer Life with Dihydromyricetin Supplementation


Liver Health for Longer Life with Dihydromyricetin Supplementation

Typically marketed as the safest and most effective anti-hangover medication, Dihydromyricetin is recognized by experts as a significant breakthrough in the world of pharmaceutical product development. There have been a lot of studies conducted to establish pharmacodynamics of the compound Dihydromyricetin since the discovery of its anti-alcohol intoxication effects but limited studies on its claimed effects, especially its traditional uses, are yet conducted. Double blind studies aimed at comparing placebo and medication-treated samples conducted on human subjects, however, show the efficiency of the drug in promoting overall body wellness in several unique ways.

What is Dihydromyricetin?

The flavanonol compound Dihydromyricetin, also known as Ampelopsin, is an ancient flavanoid drug used in traditional Japanese, Chinese and Korean medicine. Evidences of using the drug in the Western world have also been found in limited regions, although most cases remain unrecorded. The compound is originally used in the treatment of fever and parasitic infections but modern technological developers have transformed the drug primarily into a liver health-promoting agent. Today, in depth studies are being conducted to discover more of the health benefits of using Dihydromyricetin.

Health benefits of Dihydromyricetin use

Within doctor-recommended doses, Dihydromyricetin is believed to contribute to general wellness. While overdose of the drug has been shown to damage liver cells and lead to the development of various digestive system disorders, therapeutic benefits can be achieved in lower dosages. The benefits of Dihydromyricetin supplementation as proven and duly published in recognized health articles are the following:

  1. It may improve lipid metabolism

Not all lipids are insignificant and unhealthy. Without adequate amounts of lipids brought about by failure to metabolize the nutrient, bodily processes may slow down, leading to the deterioration of the entire organism. Studies show that the flavonoid Dihydromyricetin may help contribute to improved lipid metabolism by stimulating liver function and promoting bile production. Improved lipid metabolism following Dihydromyricetin supplementation may not, however, be noticeable within the first few days as liver cells repair does not take place rapidly.

  1. It has anti-inflammatory effects

Anti-inflammatory responses among treated mice subjects are also shown to increase with Dihydromyricetin supplementation. There is very little understanding as to how the drug functions as an anti-inflammatory agent due to lack of human subject studies. With the establishment of firm foundations on the claimed benefit, experts seek to include the drug under FDA-approved anti-inflammatories.

  1. It may treat alcohol-related conditions

Aside from helping treat hangover, Dihydromyricetin is also believed to treat several alcohol-related conditions like alcohol withdrawal symptoms and addiction. Experts say that the compound binds with GABA, a neurotransmitter in the brain which plays a significant role in the metabolism of alcohol and controlling its effects in the brain.


There are no other compounds in health supplement formulations known to treat alcohol intoxication other Dihydromyricetin. Combined with other essential compounds, Dihydromyricetin is probably the best supplement for modern men.

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