Lonicera Japonica extract: A Potential Anti-inflammatory Agent For Respiratory Conditions

Lonicera Japonica extract

Lonicera Japonica extract: A Potential Anti-inflammatory Agent For Respiratory Conditions

Inflammatory conditions of the respiratory tract like asthma and bronchitis are shown to react positively with Lonicera Japonica extract supplementation. Although not yet fully established, many researchers say that there may be an existing scientific explanation on the anti-inflammatory effects of the extract as it is observed in many quantitative studies to be highly effective in inflammation control. There are some qualitative researches showing efficiency of the compounds of the extract among animal subjects but only a few quantitative researches have yet been conducted on humans. As it is known historically to be a medicinal herb, many scientists are conducting studies on Lonicera Japonica to discover its amazing benefits not only on inflammation control but also in improving function of various organ systems in the human body.

What is with Lonicera Japonica extract?

Lonicera Japonica, also known as honeysuckle, is a useful component of both ancient and modern medicine. Every part of the plant including its leaves and flowers are used in the treatment of various conditions. Today, Lonicera Japonica extract is derived from various parts of the plant in order to manufacture health supplements indicated for certain individual groups. Although it is not known to effectively treat conditions during emergency situations such as in severe bronchospasms, experts say that long-term use of Lonicera Japonica extract is highly beneficial for individuals with inflammatory health diseases. Many digestive tract disorders are also observed to be treated effectively with Lonicera Japonica extract supplementation. These include inflammation of the small intestines and dysentery. Lonicera Japonica extract must be taken within prescribed doses to avoid serious side effects.

What are the health benefits of using Lonicera Japonica extract supplements?

Lonicera Japonica extract is usually included as one of the major components of health supplements indicated for adults. Among the advantages of using Lonicera Japonica extract include the following:

  • It enhances immunity

In the early days, Lonicera Japonica extract is used in the treatment of colds and influenza. Later, following intensive researches, it was found that the compounds in the extract are very useful in enhancing overall immunity functions.

  • It helps control blood sugar levels

Many studies are currently being conducted to discover whether Lonicera Japonica extract indeed controls blood sugar levels. Certain quantitative researches have already provided foundational basis for the claim.

  • It detoxifies the liver

Taking Lonicera Japonica extract may also be beneficial for individuals who are at high risk for liver conditions as it is found to promote liver detoxification. Experts say that Lonicera Japonica extract may also have effects in detoxifying other parts of the human body like the kidneys.


Adults of any age may take Lonicera Japonica extract supplements for purposes of better health. It must, however, be taken with caution among individuals who are undergoing medical treatment.

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