Lotus Leaf Extract: Anticipated Weight Loss Aid

Lotus Leaf Extract

Lotus Leaf Extract: Anticipated Weight Loss Aid

Unknown to most individuals, the beautiful aquatic perennial flower Lotus is used for the development of several medications. The seeds, flowers, underground stem and even the leaves are subjected to extraction procedures for compound isolation. The interest on lotus plant, specifically on lotus leaves, became heightened when a certain research has found that Lotus leaf extract can help promote weight loss and fat burn. Although lotus has long been considered as a medicinal plant, the recent discovery on its weight loss effects is definitely a thing to look into.

What is lotus leaf extract?

While most of the active components of lotus-containing medications are extracted from the rhizome and flower of the plant, certain compounds with potential health effects are found specifically on the leaves of Lotus. Lotus leaf extract is said to contain L-carnitine, a weight loss- promoting compound which works by enhancing metabolism and turning fats into energy sources. Although some researchers say that lotus leaf extract are effective for overweight and obese individuals, most experts say that the extract is best used for the preventing of gaining weight, rather than losing fats. With adequate exercise and adaption of healthy lifestyle, however, overweight and obese individuals may benefit from using lotus leaf extract weight loss supplements.

What are the benefits of using lotus leaf extract?

Lotus leaf extract is typically included in tablet or capsule-form health supplements, although it is also included in some teas. It is highly beneficial for most adults but individuals who are suffering from serious medical conditions are advised to seek doctor consultation prior to use of the plant. The following are some of the known benefits of using lotus leaf extract:

  • It may Enhance Metabolism

Metabolism is a naturally-occurring process in the body which leads to the breakdown of glucose reserves in the form of fats and the development of energy and heat. L-carnitine in lotus leaf extract helps enhance metabolism by activating certain hormones that aid in fat breakdown. Heightened metabolism results directly to weight loss, which is the therapeutic effect of lotus leaf extract use.

  • It Improves Cardiac Function

Excessive fats in the body results not only to changes in physical appearance but also alterations in cardiac function. Lotus leaf extract helps improve cardiac function by eliminating fat plaques in the blood vessels that interfere with normal blood flow. Some studies also say that lotus leaf extracts can help lower blood pressure while in promotes circulation towards distal portions of the body.

  • It has antimicrobial effects

Although not yet approved as a therapeutic function, some experts say that lotus leaf extract has antibacterial and anti-fungal effects. There is, however, no indication of specific bacterial strains against which lotus leaf extract is effective.


Further studies on lotus leaf extract are currently being conducted to fully establish its efficiency in promoting weight loss. Lotus leaf extract is advantageous for individual users as it is safe and effective for several health conditions.

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