Lotus leaf extract: The Supplement Ingredient for Longevity

Lotus leaf extract

Lotus leaf extract: The Supplement Ingredient for Longevity

In many areas across the world, Lotus leaf has been used in cultural celebrations as well as in the development of alternative medications. Over the years, many health benefits of using Lotus leaf extract has been claimed and established through modern scientific research. With the overwhelming number of health uses of Lotus leaf extract, it has become among the most recommended components of modern health supplements. Experts say that the compounds in the extract are not only useful in promoting skin appearance among females but it is also important in treating infertility among men. Many sexual disorders affecting both males and females are also believed to be treated with Lotus leaf extract supplementation but it must be taken with caution in order to avoid overdose and corresponding side effects.

What is Lotus leaf extract?

Lotus leaf extract is a wellness supplement ingredient which contains high amounts of essential vitamins and minerals. Some compounds in Lotus leaf extract are also believed to act upon various organs of the body in order to promote overall health. Lotus leaf extract has been used in both Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine. It is typically grown in Asian regions. Among the most interesting health effects of Lotus leaf extract which is currently the subject of many health researches is the claim that it may promote detoxification of body cells. This health effect may result to several other health benefits for longevity. Lotus leaf extract is usually included with other herbal health supplement ingredients as it also synergizes health effects of other compounds in herbs. As long as the extract is taken within recommended doses, no side effects are expected to occur.

What are the benefits of using Lotus leaf extract?

Other than traditional uses, Lotus leaf extract is also proven by scientific research to be useful among individuals. The following are among the recognized health benefits of using Lotus leaf extract:

  1. It helps relieve anxiety

Even in the early days, Lotus leaf extract is typically used in the treatment of mental health conditions including anxiety. Some researches show that Lotus leaf extract help relieve anxiety by promoting relaxation of body cells and reducing stress hormones.

  1. It may lower blood pressure

Lotus leaf extract is also shown to have vasodilatory effects. This means that it dilates or widens the blood vessels in order to allow effective passage of blood. Vasodilation is associated with reduced blood pressure. This is the reason why Lotus leaf extract is said to possess antihypertensive effects.

  1. It may help cure anemia

Anemia causes ineffective oxygenation of body cells. Along with other medically-recognized treatments for the condition, experts recommend the use of Lotus leaf extract as it contains high amounts of iron.


Lotus leaf extract has long existed as a wellness enhancer. Although the health benefits of using the extract are not yet fully established, these claims are recognized by many experts.

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