Lycopersicum extract: Tomato and fruits’ Hidden Secret

Lycopersicum extract

Lycopersicum extract: Tomato and fruits’ Hidden Secret

Tomato is widely used not only in the field of culinary arts for its delectable taste but also in cosmetics production for its proven effects in enhancing skin health. Recently, however, experts in the medical field have developed interest in the fruit following discovery that its active component Lycopersicum extract may provide potential cancer prevention benefits which can be effective in almost all forms of tumor growth. In-depth studies are still being conducted to fully establish the claim and to understand how the extract really works in the human body. In terms of safety, however, Lycopersicum extract is already proven safe as it is derived from Tomato, a common food.

What is Lycopersicum extract?

The extraction of fruits, primarily of tomato, yields high amounts of Lycopersicum extract which is used in health supplement formulations for its various effects in the human body. Although experts have not established a limit for tomato intake, one study has made a suggestion that Lycopersicum extract must be taken only within a certain recommended dose to prevent side effects. The amount of Lycopersicum extract in a single piece of tomato is not as much, however, as to cause side effects. In very high doses, Lycopersicum extract can produce mild side effects which include headaches and stomach aches.

Health benefits of using Lycopersicum extract

Regular supplementation of Lycopersicum extract may provide a wide range of health benefits for both men and women. Lycopersicum extract supplements are not indicated only for certain age groups as it is effective for most individuals. The following are some of the benefits of using Lycopersicum extract:

  1. It can prevent cancer

Several studies conducted on mice subjects revealed that Lycopersicum extract may help control cancer cell growth and enhance apoptosis when the tumor has already began growing. In one study, it was also found that certain compounds found in the extract may work against papilloma-associated cancers affective the cervix and other parts of the reproductive system of females. There is a need for confirmatory studies to fully substantiate the claim, however, as no other studies were made to strengthen the claim’s foundation.

  1. It can reduce inflammation

Inflammatory responses by the immune system in cases of trauma and other conditions may also be suppressed and controlled with Lycopersicum extract supplementation. The extract should not be confused with an anti-inflammatory drug as it does not provide immediate effects. It only helps reduce inflammation following long-term therapy, making it effective for individuals who are suffering from certain skin inflammatory conditions unresponsive to ordinary treatment.

  1. It may improve skin health

There is no doubt as to the effects of Lycopersicum extract in improving skin health but the main question which is left unresolved is the exact mechanism of action of the extract which produces the effect. Some experts say that certain active components of Lycopersicum extract help enhance new skin cell resurfacing and eliminate old cells in the surface.


Lycopersicum extract is not usually a main ingredient in health supplement formulations but it may produce synergistic effects when combined with other compounds.

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