Maca extract: An All-natural aphrodisiac

Maca extract

Maca extract: An All-natural aphrodisiac

Latest researches on trending health supplements reveal Maca extract as one of the most essential ingredients for sexual health promotion. While used in the past primarily to promote fertility among livestock, in-depth studies have shown that the substance may yield positive benefits among both male and female users. Maca extract can sufficiently promote overall wellness on its own as it contains tons of compounds which help normalize vital body functions but for longer bioavailability, the extract is usually combined with other useful compounds.

 What is Maca extract?

Prevalent in the high plateaus of central Peru is the source of Maca extract―the Maca plant. Ancient medical practices in the region reveal that the roots of the Maca plant have long been used in the treatment of various conditions such as chronic fatigue and menstrual problems. Maca is also used in culinary arts and is usually fermented for the production of a traditional drink Maca chichi. Phytochemical studies reveal a list of compounds found in Maca extract which includes several amino acids and fatty acids.

Benefits of Maca extract use

Although the exact mechanism of action of Maca extract is not fully known, several placebo vs. Maca extract studies reveal a lot of health benefits. The following are some of the claimed health effects of using Maca extract:

  • It works as an aphrodisiac

For the past few years, Maca extract has been rising in popularity as a natural aphrodisiac with no associated side effects. Studies show that Maca extract can help increase sexual desire among both men and women by stimulating the release of certain hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain. The effects may not be noticeable, however, in the first few doses.

  • It may enhance fertility

Women beyond the normal child-bearing age and some women within such stage usually suffer from infertility due to hormonal imbalances associated with environmental and genetic factors. In a study conducted among infertile women, researchers found that Maca extract may increase fertility by promoting hormone balance. The study has also revealed that the extact stimulates production of luteinizing hormone, an anterior pituitary gland hormone responsible for the egg cell production and release.

  • It improves mood

Mood changes brought about by hormonal factors, especially among women, is claimed to be treated and reduced with Maca extract supplementation. An examination on the substance has also revealed that it might have neuro-protective effects as well as cognitive-enhancement abilities. Since the claims are not yet sufficiently substantiated, experts are conducting deeper studies to establish the claim.

  • It may help control PMS

Pre-menstrual symptoms among women can affect not only their performance but also their relationships. Maca extract is not only a mood enhancer but is also shown to help control manifestations of pre-menstrual symptoms. It may, however, not contribute much in terms of controlling flank pain.


Although known essentially as an aphrodisiac, Maca extract has many other benefits. It is simply a natural solution with no side effects.

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