Maca Extract: Stamina builder to keep you on the go!

Maca Extract

Maca Extract: Stamina builder to keep you on the go!

People use different kinds of maca products like maca root, maca powder, maca herb and maca extract depending on what their body prefer. But according to some reviews, many testified that maca extract works more effective than the other maca products and it can solve some of the million problems of men and women. Why is it more effective than the others? Because most of the active ingredients are more concentrated and some other substances are being extracted. Let us take a closer look on its features.

What is Maca extract?

Maca, also called Lepidium meyenii  or Peruvian ginseng, grows in the high mountains of Andes and traditionally used for nutritional and  presumed medicinal properties and due to scientific researches, these traditional beliefs were all proven and even known better. Furthermore, it has different colors  of roots like red, black and yellow which is believed to have powerful effects on the body. Black maca helps improve fertility or sperm production. Red maca has powerful anti-oxidant properties which can fight prostate problems while yellow maca has only moderate effects on it. What else can these maca specifically do to our body?

What are the benefits of maca extract?

For both men and women:

1. Weight loss- Due to its energy enhancing properties, it could lead to more stamina when having workouts or different activities (especially for athletes) that could lead to burning more calories which makes you lose weight.

2. Maca for Fertility- According to studies, black maca helps improve sperm count of which makes them fertile but have nothing to do much on the hormonal balance.

3. Blood pressure and diabetes- it is proven that maca has some properties that can lower blood pressure and increases glucose tolerance which makes it a good supplement for those who have high blood pressure and can also be helpful with diabetes.

4. Maca as energy enhancers and improves physical stamina-  It is traditionally used by people to boost energy especially when they do strenuous works and nowadays, it was proven scientifically that it really has energy enhancing properties in a balanced way and doesn’t pressure the adrenal glands which makes it a good supplement for the athletes.

Maca benefits for men:

1. Maca increases testosterone- Maca is considered as an aphrodisiac, or sex drive enhancer which can make you more productive in sex life.

2. Treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence- According to some studies made, men having mild erectile dysfunction problem had a better experienced in which their erectile function increased and even have a positive impact on their psychological performance.

Maca benefits for women:

1. Maca for Menstrual problem- Some studies found out that maca helps women during their menstruation like regularizing their menstrual cycle and reducing pain dysmenorrhea.

2. Maca helps in menopausal symptoms – A lot of women used maca and joined maca testimonials and said that they have experienced the removal of aggravating hot flashes, depression and sexual dysfunction.

Knowing these overwhelming effects that Maca can offer, how much maca should I take then?

Maca’s recommended dosage is 500mg to be taken daily and it is further recommended to have a week off every month before continuing again. It needs week to see the effects of maca on the body and it is required not to exceed more than 500 mg a day for safety purposes.

What are the Side effects of maca?

Everything taken in excess is not good that can lead to bad result. Though maca is considered as an energy booster, it can cause in cause insomnia with the feeling of tiredness. And there are no toxicity concerns on this product. Though this is safe, it is always better to follow the recommended dosage and it is better to consult your doctor first when you want to increase your dose.

Caution: For some cases like pregnant and nursing women, consult your health care provider before taking this product for safety purposes.  Also, patients having some thyroid conditions are not recommended to take maca .When glucosinolates are excessively taken and even combined with low-iodine diet, it will lead to goiter.

Finally, maca should just be taken in a disciplined manner so not to experience side effects. Furthermore, the product may stay longer for 2 years or 2 ½ years  when stored in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.

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