Magnesium Carbonate: The Effective Solution for Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium Carbonate

The kidneys, the heart and the muscles are critical body organs which require sufficient amounts of the mineral magnesium in order to function. Although Magnesium can be found in many food sources, various statistical surveys reveal that a given percentage of the world population suffer from Magnesium deficiency. Because of this finding, many manufacturers of health supplement products have included relative amounts of Magnesium Carbonate in their formulations to ensure sufficient amounts of Magnesium in the body and to treat deficiency. Studies also show that Magnesium Carbonate supplementation is effective in improving overall energy levels and is useful in preventing fatigue. It is therefore useful for individuals of all ages, including athletes and bodybuilders who need sufficient bone and muscle strength for improved athletic performance. Magnesium Carbonate may also be useful in maintaining sufficient levels of other vitamins and minerals in the human body.

What is Magnesium Carbonate?

Magnesium Carbonate is a health supplement ingredient classified by the United States Food and Drug Association as generally safe for use. Aside from being a useful compound in health supplement manufacture, Magnesium Carbonate is also useful in the culinary field as a food additive. It helps regulate acidity of foods and maintains natural food color. The active component of Magnesium Carbonate is the compound Magnesium. As a major mineral for optimal body function, Magnesium supplementation is deemed to be absolutely necessary among adults, especially those who are at risk or deficiency due to lack of dietary sources. Many individuals may take Magnesium Carbonate supplements safely without risks but according to the latest researches, excessive doses of Magnesium Carbonate may result to serious medical conditions such as blockage of intestines and very low blood pressure. Patients who are diagnosed with certain conditions and those who are undergoing medical therapies must consult their physicians before using Magnesium Carbonate supplements.

What are the benefits of using Magnesium Carbonate?

The following are some benefits of using supplements with Magnesium Carbonate:

  • It may help improve sleep quality

Melatonin and Renin are among the most important hormones when it comes to sleep quality. Experts say that Magnesium Carbonate supplementation may help improve production of these compounds, thus enhancing overall sleep quality.

  • It may help relax muscles

Sufficient magnesium supply is also important to help relax muscles and bones after strenuous exercises. It also helps calm nerves after a stressful activity.

  • It may improve serotonin production

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter produced in the brain which is vital in enhancement of overall mood. Studies show that Magnesium Carbonate supplementation is useful in improving serotonin production.


Magnesium is an essential mineral for maintenance of vital bodily processes. Deficiency of the mineral can pose risks to health, thus necessitating Magnesium Carbonate supplementation.

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