Magnesium Citrate: A Promoter of Health and Wellness

Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium Citrate: A Promoter of Health and Wellness

What is Magnesium Citrate?

Magnesium citrate is a natural mineral present in the body and it does a very important role in maintaining the wellness of a body. Magnesium is often neglected by many people but if we look into magnesium closely, we will find out that magnesium plays an important role in the body especially on the muscles and bones. Magnesium citrate also plays a very important role in our digestive system; it serves as a cleansing agent.  Moreover, magnesium also plays a part in weight loss it will surely benefit people who want to gain a better body shape. The good news is, magnesium citrate is already being sold as a dietary supplement. Magnesium dietary supplements are now used to improve several body functions especially on our digestive systems and are sold in online stores. For us to know more about magnesium citrate, let us look deeper into its benefits, what are the uses of magnesium citrate.

The benefits of magnesium citrate:

1. Magnesium citrate is often used before surgery. It is because magnesium is used to clean the intestines before a surgery is performed, this results to a successful and safer surgical operation especially when the operation involves the digestive system.

2. Magnesiumdietary supplements are also used to prevent constipation. Magnesium citrate increases the water level I the small intestines causing a person to defecate in a short period of time. However, it not advised to use magnesium citrate every day because you might lose your natural bowel movement.

3. Magnesium is used as a laxative. This means that magnesium is helpful to people who are having hard times on their bowel movements because as I have said before, magnesium increase the level of water in the small intestine which result to a smooth bowel movement.

4. Magnesium is also used to prevent kidney stones this is why many people use magnesium as a dietary supplement. In addition, magnesium citrate also plays a role in preventing heart failures, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome.

5. Magnesium is also associated with weight loss. Magnesium aids in weight loss because magnesium increases the function of enzymes in the body resulting to a healthier metabolism this is the reason why magnesium pills are considered fat burn pills diet supplement. However, you should not over use magnesium citrate to lose weight because you might lose much water in your body resulting to dehydration.

6. Magnesium Citrate is a calcium channel blocker so it aids on the relaxation of the vessels helping people to have lower blood pressure.

7. Magnesium citrate improves protein synthesis which is responsible in the growth of muscles of every human being.  This suggest s that amp citrate plays a very important role in the protein synthesis and also in muscle contractions. Amp citrate is responsible in delivering potassium and calcium to the different parts of the body; these compounds then are responsible in muscle contraction. This means that magnesium citrate aids in body building. If a person takes magnesium as a pre-work out supplement, he/she will be having enhanced energy to perform vigorous activities resulting to leaner, more powerful and improved muscles. It is also suggested that magnesium supplements should be taken by athletes or body builders for them to have higher tolerance or resistance.

8. Magnesium also increases energy levels. This benefit also suggests that amp citrate in body building is really helpful because it gives body builders more energy to have their workout or any activities they want to do to improve their body shapes.

Presented above are the different benefits of magnesium citrate. Since magnesium citrate is a very important compound needed in the body, you should not take it for granted because it plays a very important role to keep the body alive.  Then, the thing we need to know is when are we going to take magnesium citrate? According to magnesium studies, a lot of people lack magnesium and this deficiency is holding them back to perform at their utmost ability. Believe it or not, our body needs magnesium every day. There are also food with magnesium citrate such as green leafy vegetables, nuts and beans but oftentimes these are not found in our diet making us miss one of the most important mineral needed by the body. Since the food sources of magnesium are not enough, magnesium supplements are needed to fill up the missing amount of magnesium in the body. It is a fact that we need magnesium citrate every day but this doesn’t mean that we can just take as much magnesium as we want because there are also limitations and taking too much magnesium citrate supplements can lead to overdosing.

 The recommended dosage of magnesium citrate

For women is 320 mg a day and for men 420 mg a day. A person should not exceed this dosage to avoid unwanted side effects such as nausea, abdominal cramps and gas. The side effects of magnesium citrate will not be felt if prescription and dosage are followed. The last question we have to discuss is, where can you buy magnesium citrate supplements? Magnesium citrate is available on online stores and you can also shop with us. Magnesium citrate is one of the most important compound needed by our body to continue is physiological rhythm and without it our body will be a mess.  Magnesium could be one of the best pre workout supplements and the best fat loss supplement for people who want to lose weight but one thing is for sure, your body needs magnesium to survive. If you are still not sure about it and you think that you are in need of magnesium supplements; it is the best to consult your doctor for you to know whether it is safe for you to use it especially when you are under a specific medication. Moreover, before taking magnesium supplements, it is the best to consult your physician and follow the instructions and dosage provided at the back of the product to avoid unwanted side effects.

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