Magnesium orotate: Optimal Musculoskeletal Health

Magnesium orotate

Magnesium orotate: Optimal Musculoskeletal Health

Various forms of magnesium supplements in the market have their own advantages and disadvantages. While some forms are recommended for some individual groups, some others are not recommended due to factors including potential side effects and allergic reactions. Magnesium orotate is one of the most common kinds of magnesium supplements in the field of alternative medicine. Although it is used primarily for its magnesium content, experts recommend the use of the compound as it also contains orotic acid, a well-known agent in the enhancement of energy production among athletes and bodybuilders. It is also ideal for use as both magnesium and orotic acid is beneficial in improving cardiovascular function. Magnesium orotate is thus ideal for use among athletic persons and bodybuilders who are experiencing magnesium deficiency due to several factors. It is also recommended to use Magnesium orotate supplements as it is absorbed in the blood stream faster than other forms of magnesium supplements.

What is Magnesium orotate?

The health supplement ingredient Magnesium orotate is very advantageous for use in the treatment of magnesium deficiency, as well as in the enhancement of energy production. Studies reveal that the compound components of the nutrient Magnesium orotate are both essential for various bodily processes and they complement each other’s function. Magnesium orotate, according to researches, is also very useful in improving absorption of nutrients, minerals and vitamins from food sources in the small intestines to the bloodstream and the body cells for use. In one study, it was also concluded that Magnesium orotate supplementation may be useful in controlling symptoms of heart failure.  Due to the synergistic effects happening between magnesium and orotic acid, many supplement manufacturers consider the use of Magnesium orotate in their formulations. Overdose of the compound must, however, be prevented as it may result to dangerous side effects which may even affect the cardiovascular system.

What are the benefits of using Magnesium orotate?

The following are some of the benefits of using Magnesium orotate supplements, according to studies:

  1. It helps improve exercise tolerance

Supplements with Magnesium orotate may be useful in increasing tolerance and endurance during exercises. This is because energy is released faster and more effectively with Magnesium orotate supplements.

  1. It may reduce risk for osteoporosis

Although osteoporosis is primarily hormonal, experts say that Magnesium orotate supplementation may also contribute to its prevention. This is because magnesium is very useful in diverting calcium from the blood into the bones.

  1. It helps in nerve function

Nerves efficiently work when the body has sufficient amounts of magnesium. This is the finding established in one health study.


Magnesium orotate supplementation is beneficial for various purposes. However, excessive doses of the compound have been associated with several serious medical conditions, including tumor formation.

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