Magnesium oxide powder: An Effective Preventive Agent for Pre-Eclampsia

Magnesium oxide powder

Sufficient amounts of magnesium can be obtained through a healthy diet which includes natural food sources of the compound such as spinach and whole grains. However, for patients who are already diagnosed with magnesium deficiency and those who are at risk for developing the condition, taking the right magnesium dietary supplement is very important. One of the most common magnesium supplement forms is Magnesium oxide powder. The supplement ingredient is usually recommended for use among magnesium deficiency patients but it may also be used by normal adults to ensure sufficient daily intake of the mineral. Aside from providing the usual benefits of all other magnesium supplements like constipation relief, enhancement of overall cardiac function and control of glucose conversion into energy in the body cells, Magnesium oxide powder is highly recommended for use as it provides many other unique benefits. In excessive doses, however, Magnesium oxide powder may be as dangerous as other magnesium supplement forms.

What is Magnesium oxide powder?

Among the well-known forms of magnesium supplement forms is Magnesium oxide powder. Asdie from being used in the field of alternative medicine, Magnesium oxide powder is also included as an over-the-counter medication for various conditions including heartburn and bloating. Unlike other magnesium supplements, however, Magnesium oxide powder is the form which is least absorbed by the body. It is, however, still advantageous as it provides the highest elemental value of its main compound component magnesium. Experts usually recommend the use of Magnesium oxide powder among patients who are suffering from severe magnesium deficiency but not suffering from absorption problems in the gastrointestinal tract. Long-term use of Magnesium oxide powder is also safe and effective for individuals of all ages as it is not related to any side effects or adverse effects. Magnesium oxide powder may also be useful in long-term support of glucose metabolism.

What are the benefits of using Magnesium oxide powder?

The following are some of the unique benefits of using Magnesium oxide powder supplements;

  • It may help treat off anxiety

Recently, it was observed that Magnesium oxide powder supplementation calms nervous horses. Later on, quantitative studies on humans were conducted. It was found in the study that Magnesium oxide powder supplementation may help treat off anxiety among persons.

  • It may prevent pre-eclampsia among pregnant women

Pre-eclampsia is a condition often sought to be prevented among pregnant women as it can be very deadly. It is characterized by sudden increase in blood pressure and seizures. Studies show that Magnesium oxide powder supplementation may help prevent the condition.

  • It may enhance overall immunity

Some experts also believe that taking Magnesium oxide powder supplements may be useful in improving overall immunity functions. It is, however, not proven exactly how Magnesium oxide powder enhances the body’s resistance.


Magnesium oxide powder supplement use has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of using the compound, however, outweigh the risks, making it ideal for individual users.

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