Magnesium stearate: A Controversial but Beneficial Supplement Ingredient

Magnesium stearate

Magnesium stearate: A Controversial but Beneficial Supplement Ingredient

Unlike other supplements with magnesium component, the common supplement ingredient and medication compound Magnesium stearate is primarily used because of its “stearic acid” content. Almost all health supplement pills and medications contain little amounts Magnesium stearate but it is often referred to in different terms. This is because the compound Magnesium stearate is very useful in the manufacturing process of supplement pills. It helps prevent sticking of ingredients in the manufacturing machine and even promotes movement of the medication or supplement into the gastrointestinal tract. Despite its benefits among manufacturers and health supplement and medication users, Magnesium stearate has become the subject of many controversies following findings that it may pose risks for certain illnesses. In very high doses, experts say that Magnesium stearate may weaken immunity as the number of T cells has significantly reduced among animal subjects. It may also increase risk for kidney stones as it is not easily broken down by the body. Because of its usefulness, however, experts cannot easily disregard entirely the use of Magnesium stearate. It must, however, be taken only in relatively low doses.

What is Magnesium stearate?

The compound Magnesium stearate is one of the most controversial supplement ingredients in the modern generation. It has been cleared out, however, in several studies that the inclusion of the ingredient in health supplement formulations can be safe and effective when it is included in relatively low doses. Magnesium stearate, as a magnesium salt with stearic acid, is also beneficial for its Magnesium content. It provides several benefits associated with sufficient magnesium levels in the human body. For most manufacturers, Magnesium stearate is used as an inactive compound to promote the entry and manifestation of benefits of the active compounds. In one study, it was also found that the inclusion of Magnesium stearate may help synergize effects of some ingredients of health supplement products. It is, however, important to take note of the risks of using Magnesium stearate before taking it in.

What are the benefits of using Magnesium stearate?

The following are some of the benefits and advantages of using Magnesium stearate in health supplement forms:

  • It helps maintain consistency in dosage of active supplement ingredients

As a “flow agent” in the field of medication and supplement manufacture, studies show that Magnesium stearate may be very helpful in maintaining consistency in dosage of medication and supplement ingredients. This means that it helps prevent destruction of compounds during manufacture process.

  • It helps delay absorption of some compounds

Although some experts say that this benefit is actually a disadvantage, more scientists are at a view that the effect of Magnesium stearate in delaying absorption is advantageous. Through this action, compounds in medications are absorbed in the proper areas in the bowel where they should be absorbed. It may also prolong effects of the supplement ingredient.

  • It enhances ingredient therapeutic benefits

The therapeutic benefits of using the ingredients in a given health supplement formulation may also improve with the inclusion of Magnesium stearate.


Experts and medical practitioners are not fully convinced on the benefits of using Magnesium stearate but neither are they convinced fully that it is dangerous. For as long as sufficient amounts of the compound are included in health supplements, it can be safe for use.

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