Magnolia Bark: The Century’s Innovative All-around Solution

Magnolia Bark extract

Magnolia Bark: The Century’s Innovative All-around Solution

While most options for stress management involve non-medical approaches, experts say that a potentially-helpful health supplement ingredient often referred to as Magnolia Bark extract may help promote relaxation and limit manifestations of symptoms associated with anxiety and depression. Widespread studies are currently being held to determine the efficiency and safety of using the extract among humans for mood-related disorders. With the current set of studies at hand, conclusions gathered generally provide a positive outcome, making Magnolia Bark extract among the breakthrough components of major health supplement brands.

What is Magnolia Bark extract?

Traditional Chinese medicine has long been using Magnolia bark extract in the treatment of ordinary disorders such as infections and inflammations and in the prevention of mood shoot-ups. Even before the launch of intensive clinical studies involving the extract, ancient health practitioners have established claims that Magnolia Bark extract may help detoxify the body cells and prevent proliferation of cancer cells. The claim was later confirmed following conclusions of various laboratory studies conducted in several sites all over the world. There being a possibility that other claims involving Magnolia Bark extract health benefits may be true, more researches are being done today to confirm feasibilities.

What are the benefits of using Magnolia Bark extract?

Despite the lack of complete understanding as to the effects of Magnolia Bark extract in the human body, many experts are fully convinced as to efficiencies of the drug. Magnolia Bark extract contains several active ingredients including Magnolol and Honokiol which helps regulate bodily processes and prevent disease occurences. The health benefits of using Magnolia Bark extract are the following:

  1. It may protect several body organs

Some of the compounds found in Magnolia Bark extract, as confirmed in certain phytochemical studies, are shown to possess properties in terms of protecting several body cells and organs from destruction brought about by toxic chemicals. Some of the specific tissues effectively protected by Magnolia Bark extract include the brain tissues, liver cells and kidney cells. The neuro-protective property of the extract is believed to prevent occurrences of brain cell degeneration-associated conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia.

  1. It may boost chemotherapeutic effects

Chemotherapy as the primary treatment option in the control of cancer is shown to be synergistically improved with conjunctive Magnolia Bark extract supplementation. Magnolia Bark extract active ingredients are known to prevent cancer cell growth by controlling proliferation and inducing cell death. Although most experts say that the extract is potentially effective for most types of cancer, studies show that Magnolia Bark extract may only be effective against specific cancer types which include lung cancer.

  1. It may control menopausal symptoms

A very significant study conducted in 2006 which was published in Minerva Ginecologica reveals that the active compounds of theMagnolia Bark extract may help control menopausal symptoms such as itchiness, dryness and hot flashes. It may also prevent mood swings associated with hormonal changes according to certain researches.


From ordinary infections to serious health conditions, Magnolia Bark extract is claimed to be the solution. The extract is known to be beneficial not only for adults but also for adolescent individuals.

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