Maltitol: The Sugar Alcohol for Dental Caries Prevention


Maltitol: The Sugar Alcohol for Dental Caries Prevention

Many food products recommended for use among weight loss enthusiasts usually contain artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols as these components provide sweetness similar to sugar but do not necessarily provide similar caloric values. For this reason, experts say that taking sugar alcohols like Maltitol can be beneficial for individuals, although it has been subjected to controversies since its introduction in the culinary and the health supplement manufacture field. It must be noted, according to scientists and health care practitioners, that Maltitol is not a sugar or a carbohydrate but still contains glycemic index. This means that it is not necessarily safe for diabetic patients and those who are suffering from metabolic conditions as it may still increase blood sugar levels when taken in very high doses. Some persons who have taken Maltitol have also manifested varying symptoms which include stomach upsets and bloating. It is believed, however, that as long as the compound is taken in relatively low doses, it is safe and effective for use.

What is Maltitol?

Maltitol is a well-known alternative sweetener in the culinary field. It is a sugar alcohol but does not necessarily contain alcohol. Studies show that the compound Maltitol can be isolated from natural sources including chicory leaves and some fruits and vegetables but it may also be manufactured in laboratory set-ups by adding hydrogen to the sugar maltose. In disregard of its health risks, the use of Maltitol is recommended as it is almost as sweet as sucrose but is significantly lower in calories. Individuals who are counting calories and those who seek to lose weight may use Maltitol to enjoy cakes and other sweet food products without worrying about significant increase in caloric intake. Although it can be beneficial and advantageous for normal adults, taking Maltitol can be risky to some individual groups, especially those who are suffering from health conditions affecting the metabolism process. For this reason, it must be noted that Maltitol must be taken only within recommended doses and with physician’s advice among diagnosed persons.

What are the benefits of using Maltitol?

Although it can be risky, Maltitol use can still provide some health benefits. The following are some of the benefits of using the compound:

  • It does not cause dental caries

Since it is not a sugar or a carbohydrate, experts believe that Maltitol does not at all contribute to dental carries development. Individuals may then enjoy various foods with Maltitol without worrying about dental carries.

  • It does not significantly increase blood sugar

Taking Maltitol may have an effect in slightly increasing blood sugar but it is not as significant as other sugar compounds such as sucrose and glucose. It is not necessarily safe, however, for diabetic patients.

  • It may promote weight loss

Some experts also say that Maltitol supplementation may be beneficial for those who are seeking to lose weight. However, there are no exact explanations yet as to how it may promote fat loss.


For normal adults, Maltitol can be used within recommended doses without risks. However, it must be taken with great caution among patients who are diagnosed with certain conditions.


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