Maltodextrin: The Beneficial Compound for Hard-gainers


Maltodextrin: The Beneficial Compound for Hard-gainers

There is no united view in the medical field on whether the food component Maltodextrin is beneficial or risky but according to majority view, Maltodextrin use in food manufacture is safe and effective as long as it is taken by normal adults at recommended doses. It may also be taken by persons who are diagnosed with medical conditions such as Diabetes Mellitus but with recommendation from their physicians and with great caution. Maltodextrin is primarily used by athletes and bodybuilders who seek to gain weight. It is, therefore, ideal for hard-gainers. Maltodextrin can be a rapid source of calories and energy in the post-exercise phase. Foods rich in Maltodextrin are typically used by athletic individuals and bodybuilders after performance of strenuous exercises as it provides high amounts of calories in the body which are often diverted to the muscle groups if taken after exercises.  There can be risks associated with long-term use of Maltodextrin in high doses but within recommended doses, it is safe and effective for use.

What is Maltodextrin?

Maltodextrin is a polysaccharide sugar which is often prescribed for bodybuilders and athletes who find it difficult to gain weight. Unlike other common sugar groups like dextrose and glucose, Maltodextrin must be broken down by the body as it has a complex structure. Generally, Maltodextrin is classified by the United States Food and Drug Association as a safe substance but it must be noted that excessive doses of the compound can still be dangerous. Although it is not ideal for persons who are seeking to lose weight, Maltodextrin is beneficial in raising insulin levels and enhancing muscle development. Maltodextrin is generally made from various common foods including starch, rice and corn. Before it is included in food shakes or other food products, it undergoes processes of hydrolysis under strict laboratory standards. There are almost no known side or adverse effects of using Maltodextrin but some persons have developed mild stomach upsets with Maltodextrin use.

What are the benefits of using Maltodextrin?

Taking Maltodextrin supplements can provide health benefits among individual users, especially body builders. The following are some of the benefits of using Maltodextrin:

  • It increases energy levels

One of the best ways to increase energy levels rapidly after exercising is to take Maltodextrin shakes and other food products. This is because it contains high amounts of energy-giving sugars. This is beneficial, however, only if the person taking it has normal glucose metabolism system.

  • It enhances muscle recovery system

Athletes and bodybuilders who have just exhausted their muscle groups may also take Maltodextrin to enhance muscle recovery system. When introduced in the body, Maltodextrin is broken down and brought to the different muscle groups. Thus, enhancing recovery processes.

  • It improves muscle growth and development

Maltodextrin may also contribute to enhancement of muscle growth and development. This benefit may, however, be observed only if the muscle groups are also being exercised.


Taking Maltodextrin is beneficial for normal adults. However, it should be taken with caution among diagnosed individuals at it may significantly increase blood sugar levels.

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