Manganese Citrate: A Regulatory Compound for Promote Bodily Processes

Manganese Citrate

Manganese Citrate: A Regulatory Compound for Promote Bodily Processes

Many hormones, enzymes and bodily compounds are activated and developed through the interplay of trace minerals in the cellular level of the human organism. Among the most significant trace minerals which is found by experts to play essential roles in the production of energy and the breakdown of proteins and amino acids is the compound Manganese. Only a few amount of manganese is necessary for sustenance of bodily functions but with deficiency, certain health conditions may result. The compound Manganese can be sourced out from various food sources including leafy green vegetables, legumes and nuts but to ensure adequacy of intake, health practitioners recommend the use health supplements containing Manganese Citrate.

What is Manganese Citrate?

Manganese Citrate is a prime health supplement component included essentially to provide the body with bioavailable manganese. While most individuals are expected to meet manganese requirements through diet, certain groups of persons are usually at high risk for developing deficiency due to difficulties in absorption. Experts say that supplementation of the nutrient Manganese through Manganese Citrate health supplements can promote activation of a lot of processes in the human body. It must, however, be taken only within the physician-prescribed doses as overdose can result to changes in hormone and enzymatic regulation.

Health benefits of using Manganese Citrate

Increasing bioavailable Manganese supply through health supplementation can provide certain essential health benefits, both among men and women users. Young children are not advised to take Manganese Citrate supplements unless prescribed by physicians. The following are some of the most well-known benefits of using Manganese Citrate supplements:

  • It promotes bone health

There are many factors or considerations in the determining the extent of a person’s bone health and among the primary factors is bone density. Studies show that Manganese Citrate supplementation is necessary for maintenance of bone density as the compound Manganese helps prevent bone demineralization. By preventing demineralization of bones or the escape of minerals which are stored in the bones, several elderly-associated disorders affecting the spine such as osteoporosis can be prevented. The nutrient is also necessary to prevent risk for injuries among elderly individuals.

  • It may help regulate blood sugar levels

Studies also show that the compound Manganese Citrate plays a role in the production and secretion of insulin in the pancreas. Low level of manganese is associated with increased blood sugar levels, although not necessarily established as a causative factor for Diabetes. Increasing manganese levels can help prevent blood sugar peak up which can result to dangerous conditions.

  • It provides antioxidant support

The compound Manganese Citrate also helps protect cells from damages brought about by circulating free radicals in the blood. This benefit effectively helps prevent development of mutations in genes and cancers.


Taking Manganese Citrate health supplements is safe and effective for better health. It is recommended for use among most adults, especially the elderly.

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