Mangosteen extract: The Way to Reduce Heart Attack Risk

Mangosteen extract

Mangosteen extract: The Way to Reduce Heart Attack Risk

With the advent of advanced clinical researches, the number of experts in the field of medicine who are getting interested with the development of Mangosteen extract health supplements continues to rise. Mangosteen fruit has long been an ordinary fruit in Thailand and Myanmar which is typically exported worldwide for its delectable taste. It was only recently, however, when scientists discovered that certain compounds found in Mangosteen extract have chemopreventive properties as well as antimicrobial effects. There are several quantitative studies conducted to prove Mangosteen extract’s efficiency among human beings but most qualitative studies to determine how the active components of the compound works are only conducted on animal subjects.

What is Mangosteen extract?

The health effects of Mangosteen extract has long been recognized in Alternative medicine practices but due to lack of clinical studies clearly establishing such claims, the approval of Mangosteen extract use in health supplement formulations only came in the recent years. Mangosteen extract is typically taken from the fruit of the plant, although some other parts are also considered rich sources of phytonutrients. Most of the compounds found in Mangosteen extract have exhibited antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties, making it among the top priorities for clinical researches.

Is Mangosteen extract beneficial?

Health supplements containing Mangosteen extract are beneficial and useful for most age groups, especially to adults who are exposure to unhealthy lifestyle. Studies also show that the active components of Mangosteen extract are generally safe and are not associated with side effects except when taken beyond recommended doses.

There are many benefits associated with Mangosteen extract use but the following are among those which are already proven by science:

  • It may provide treatment for acne

Acne is usually brought about by factors including hormonal imbalances and exposure to unhealthy environment but in one study, it was established that the common cause of acne is bacterial growth in the skin. Studies show that Mangosteen extract effectively kills microorganisms causing acne, pimples and other allergic irritations in the skin surface. It may also prevent invasion of microorganisms to prevent infection.

  • It may boost cardiac function

In one study, experts provided that Mangosteen extract may boost cardiovascular function and reduce risk for heart attacks. There are no clear explanations as to how it may provide this benefit but most experts believe that the antioxidants present in Mangosteen extract helps control oxidative stress which usually causes heart function failure.

  • It enhances digestive function

The digestive tract function is also shown to improve among individuals taking Mangosteen extract as it contains high amounts of fiber which stimulate detoxification in the gastrointestinal tract. The fiber content of Mangosteen extract also effectively improves prebiotic levels in the intestines which facilitate healthy digestion.


More intensive studies are required to prove pharmacodynamic effects of Mangosteen extract. Since it is generally considered safe, it is highly advisable to use the extract for health supplement formulations.

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