Mannitol: The Diuretic Medication for Diabetics and Hypertensive Patients


Mannitol: The Diuretic Medication for Diabetics and Hypertensive Patients

Kidney shutdown is one of the most serious medical conditions which must be prevented through the introduction of diuretic compounds and medications which help cleanse the body cells from toxic compounds. When it comes to treating and preventing kidney shutdown, Mannitol is among the powerful diuretic compounds which first come to mind. Studies show that the compound is very useful in forcing out urine out of the kidneys and eliminating toxic compounds which have accumulated in the organ. This benefit effectively prevents swelling or edema brought about by accumulation of fluids in the many areas of the body. Mannitol is a prescribed medication in many medical areas but it may be used in the field of alternative medicine as it provides many other health benefits. However, Mannitol must be used with caution among patients who are taking diuretic medications and those who are suffering from kidney diseases. Patients with diagnosed illnesses must use Mannitol upon prescription of their physicians.

What is Mannitol?

The compound Mannitol is a prescriptive diuretic medication indicated for patients who are suffering from kidney dysfunctions of whatever stage. Although it works primarily in promoting urine elimination, Mannitol may also provide other health benefits to individual users. Many of the health benefits associated with the use of Mannitol have already been proven but some are still subject to confirmatory studies. Mannitol may also be used to make sugar-free products. This is because it is not normally absorbed rapidly in the small intestines, thus reaching the large intestines where the absoption of calories is lower. This effect of Mannitol use may be beneficial to facilitate controlled introduction of sugar into the body of Diabetic patients. There are many studies which are still being conducted on Mannitol, its health benefits and potential risks but in general, experts say that it can be used safely among individual users.

What are the benefits of using Mannitol?

Mannitol supplementation may yield many health benefits which include the following:

  • It may prevent dental caries

Studies show that Mannitol supplements may be helpful in the prevention of dental caries. This is because it does not increase sugar levels and controls bacterial growth in the oral cavity. Mannitol is also not broken down my microorganisms in the mouth which release acidic substances that cause dental caries.

  • It may work for Diabetic patients

Mannitol may also be useful among diabetics as it helps prevent rapid shoot-ups in glucose levels. This benefit prevents deterioration of various organs of the body due to hyperglycemia or increased sugar levels in the blood.

  • It may reduce blood pressure

Aside from serving as a vasodilator, Mannitol is also believed to help reduce blood pressure as it prevents hypervolemia, a causative factor of hypertension.


Mannitol is a useful compound both as a prescribed medication and also as a health supplement ingredient. It has many benefits when introduced in the body but it must be take only in recommended doses.

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