Market Chances & Trends For Men Healthy Supplements 2023

Men Healthy Supplements

Market Chances & Trends For Men Healthy Supplements 2023

7.3% CAGR, the market for dietary supplements is projected to grow from a projected value of $155.2 billion in 2022 to $220.8 billion in 2027. Consumers’ rising health consciousness is anticipated to fuel the market for dietary supplements.

However, in recent years, men’s health supplements have become more well-liked as more men resort to supplementation to help preserve their energy and fitness levels. Traditional healthy-aging marketers have traditionally targeted female clients.

73% of American males utilize dietary supplements to support their health, which is a more significant rate than ever before, according to the Council for Responsible Nutrition. The study found that 42% of males who use supplements are interested in goods that promote general health and wellness.

With a growing population of baby boomers seeking to retain their vitality and an active lifestyle, the market for supplements for men is ripe for innovation. Recent advancements in ingredients have shown that there is still space for novel formats and formulations. As more men aspire to maintain a healthy lifestyle, additional opportunities for men’s health should arise.

Men’s health supplements are in demand, as evidenced by the substantial growth in traffic noticed at the start of 2022 for terms like “men’s health supplements” and “supplements for men’s health.”

Some of the most popular searches for men’s health supplements have substantially increased overall search volume.

Top Health Issues Face By Men

Men may experience problems with their energy levels, testosterone levels, sexual health, bones, mental health, and hair health, to mention a few, if the appropriate vitamins and nutrients are not consumed sufficiently.

No one can follow a “perfect” diet flawlessly every day, and there is no such thing as a “perfect” diet. Men’s dietary supplements can help in this situation. Men can benefit from a daily supplement regimen that improves their health and Nutrition while ensuring they receive the recommended dosage of essential vitamins.

This article focuses exclusively on the finest supplements for guys, addressing crucial male health issues. Supplements for exercise and bodybuilding, testosterone, fertility, sexual health, joint health, and hair growth are included in this. 

Men’s Supplements For Workout

Beta-Alanine Powder

The following are some of the results of bulk beta-alanine supplementation and the related rise in muscle carnosine concentrations, as stated in a position paper on beta-alanine published in the JISSN (Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition):

  • Heightened effects on open end-point activities and time trials lasting 1 to 4 minutes with enhanced workout performance.
  • Lessening of neuromuscular exhaustion, particularly in older subjects.
  • It is the potential for tactical performance improvement.

Bulk Creatine Powder

Studies have indicated that taking creatine supplements can improve athletic performance and injury avoidance, post-exercise recovery, rehabilitation, thermoregulation, and neuroprotection.

Whey Protein Powder

Compared to other protein sources, whey protein, made from whey (a byproduct of cheese production), contains essential amino acids. Whey protein is also high in BCAAs, with a typical content of 24%. It has the highest biological value of all the tested proteins, especially whey protein isolate. Numerous studies have shown that it is effective in promoting the growth of lean muscle mass when used in conjunction with exercise.

According to clinical research, taking whey protein isolate daily for 6 to 10 weeks while strength exercising led to more significant gains in lean body mass, strength, and muscular hypertrophy than taking a placebo.

Men’s Fertility Supplements

Shilajit Extract Powder

Shilajit extract powder is a sedimentary rock deposit that ranges in color from light brown to blackish brown (mainly in the Himalayas). It’s made up of rock humus, rock minerals, and organic materials compacted by rock layers, together with marine animals and microbial metabolites.

Ayurvedic doctors frequently utilize it to treat various illnesses, including controlling problems with male reproduction. Shilajit has long been used as an aphrodisiac in Ayurvedic medicine, and human and animal research has demonstrated its safety.

L-Arginine Bulk Powder

L-arginine bulk powder is an amino acid used as a building block to create NO. Supplemental L-arginine appears to boost NO production, with a noticeable increase in blood flow (i.e., vasodilatation). Nitric oxide-induced relaxation of the cavernous smooth muscle occurs during penile erection; therefore, it makes sense that L-arginine supplementation would improve erectile function.

L-Citrulline Powder

L-citrulline powder, another amino acid, has similar results as L-arginine. In reality, the ability of L-citrulline to raise plasma levels of arginine endogenously (inside the human body) is the primary source of many of its functions. More so than the amino acid arginine itself, citrulline appears to raise plasma arginine levels. Citrulline is used to boost nitric oxide based on this concept.

Men’s Testosterone Supplements

Ashwagandha Powder

Forty-six males participated in a single 90-day, two-arm, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, parallel-group study to compare the effects of ashwagandha root extract powder (675 mg/d in three doses, n=21) and a placebo (n=25) on serum hormone levels and sperm activity. Ashwagandha increased testosterone by 17% (P0.01), sperm count by 167% (P0.0001), sperm volume by 53% (P0.0001), and sperm motility by 57% (P0.0001) (P0.0001).

The outcomes demonstrated that ashwagandha supplementation performed better than the control. A 15% increase in serum testosterone (P0.05), a substantial increase in muscle size (P0.05), a significant increase in muscle strength (P0.001), and a significant decrease in body fat percentage were all seen (P0.05).

Tongkat Ali Extract Powder

Tongkat Ali powder, known as Eurycoma longifolia, is a South-East Asian herb that has historically been used as an aphrodisiac to improve male sexual performance. Current scientific studies have also proved this benefit due to rising serum testosterone levels.

But it’s crucial to remember that human clinical research has been done on a particular proprietary extract called LJ100®. Various dosage levels of LJ100® have been established in human clinical investigations, but 200 mg/day produced the most remarkable effects.

Vitamin D

According to three different cross-sectional studies involving thousands of men, higher vitamin D levels are linked to higher testosterone levels and lower estrogen levels in men.

Regarding the additional study, a randomized and controlled experiment with 54 healthy but overweight males following a weight loss strategy was conducted. Individuals got a placebo or 3,332 IU of vitamin D for a year daily. At first, testosterone levels were below the reference range, and vitamin D levels were inadequate.

The findings revealed a 25% rise in total testosterone levels in the vitamin D group. No testosterone measurement changed significantly in the placebo group.

Men’s Joint Supplements

Cucumber Extract

Cucumber was brought to Britain by Roman troops, who probably employed it to relieve painful feet or other aches and pains. Cucumber has long been known for its advantages to red, weary, and puffy eyes.

Undenatured Type II Collagen

A meeting at the Scripts Center for Integrative Medicine in 2013 featured the presentation of the findings of a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. For 120 days, a placebo or UC-II® (40 mg, which offers 10 mg of undenatured type-II collagen per day), an undenatured type II collagen made from chicken sternum cartilage, was given to 55 participants reported joint pain brought on by vigorous exercise.

The findings showed that UC-II® supplementation, compared to placebo, significantly improved joint flexibility, allowed subjects to exercise for more extended periods before experiencing initial joint discomfort, and allowed subjects to exercise for longer before experiencing maximum joint pain. The placebo group experienced no notable changes.

Andrographis Paniculata

The herb Andrographis paniculata has a long history of usage in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Andrographis, known as the “king of bitters” in Asia, includes some bitter ingredients that seem to have both immune-modulating and anti-inflammatory effects.

Recent studies have shown that the Andrographis paniculata extract, which contains 150 mg of andrographolides twice daily as ParActin®, provides 50% of the total andrographolides, which helps to promote joint comfort. Andrographolide is a compound that inhibits enzymes that would otherwise break down the collagen materials found in cartilage.

Men’s Hair Supplements

Pomegranate Extract

In a long-term, randomized clinical trial, a whole-fruit pomegranate water extract powder, PomanoxTM P30, was examined for its qualities and tolerability. In the problem, 20 guys between the ages of 34 and 60 took two capsules daily containing 366 mg of the extract.

 The examination of hair development using a photo trichogram was the primary goal. Secondary goals included testing the pull-ability tests to predict hair loss and the strength of the hair. Each participant was split into two groups of ten. Results in the PomanoxTM were as follows:

Beta-sitosterol And Saw Palmetto Extract

Dihydrotestosterone is produced from testosterone in the body (DHT). If you want to keep a healthy head of hair, it’s not a good idea for DHT to induce your hair follicles to miniaturize.

It has demonstrated that the plant supplements saw palmetto berry powder and beta-sitosterol reduce the amount of the 5-alpha reductase enzyme, which transforms testosterone into DHT, in the body.

Benefits Of Probiotics For Men

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG

One of the most thoroughly studied probiotic strains, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (often known as Lactobacillus GG for short), has strong resistance to stomach acid and bile, grows well, and clings to the lining of the intestines.

According to studies, Lactobacillus GG helps to balance good bacteria in your intestines, which supports your immune system, keeps your digestive system functioning normally, and keeps you feeling your best.

Bacillus Coagulans

Bacillus coagulans is a probiotic that may generate spores. It has been discovered that the protein covering B. Additionally, studies have revealed that B. coagulans “allows it to survive stomach acid, enter the small intestine, germinate, and multiply.” coagulans are bile-tolerant, enabling them to endure in the small intestine as well.

Bifidobacterium Lactics HN019

A probiotic strain known as Bifidobacterium lactis HN019 is particularly effective at promoting gastrointestinal comfort. According to research, it enhances upper gastrointestinal comfort and relieves heartburn and occasional acid indigestion. Bifidobacterium lactis HN019 has undergone clinical testing to support upper gastrointestinal comfort and lessen sporadic reflux.

Men’s Mineral and Vitamin Supplements

Vitamin D

A higher risk for LUTS is linked to low vitamin D levels. It was shown in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, where 55% (n = 684) of the males with LUTS had deficient vitamin D levels (20 ng/mL), and 89% (n = 1241) of the men with LUTS had insufficient vitamin D levels (30 ng/mL).

According to research, men with normal testosterone levels had zinc levels that were noticeably higher than men with low testosterone levels. Six months of zinc treatment nearly doubled serum testosterone levels in older adults who were only mildly zinc deficient.


According to research, men with normal testosterone levels had zinc levels that were noticeably higher than men with low testosterone levels. Six months of zinc treatment nearly doubled serum testosterone levels in older adults who were only mildly zinc deficient.

Men’s Fiber Supplement

Most people know that fiber is crucial for maintaining our bowel health. However, it also contributes to appetite suppression, which is vital for many guys who desire to eat less and lose weight. Fibre stretches in the stomach after absorbing water or other liquids, which helps to produce a full feeling.

While this is generally true for all fibers, some are more effective than others. Oligofructose and oligofructose-enriched inulin are two examples (of OEI). 

Both oligofructose and inulin are classified as soluble fibers, and oligofructose is also a functional fiber, meaning that it has additional advantageous physiological benefits in people.

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