Raw Ingredients Supplier Research: Market Price Update 6/19

Ajuga extract

Raw Ingredients Supplier Research: Market Price Update 6/19

Popular Raw Ingredients Market Price Update

Ingredient NameMarket PriceStock
Carnitine Tartrate Powder$14-18/kgUSA
Melatonin Powder$85-88/kgUSA
L Citrulline Powder$8-9/kgUSA
BHB Mg Powder$11-12/kgUSA
BHB Na Powder$11-12/kgUSA

Nutri Avenue Recommends Key Raw Ingredients This Week


In the United States, the market price of L-Theanine from green tea leaves 20% pure powder is generally around $80/kg. The domestic quotation is basically not lower than $68/kg. A batch of L Theanine is in stock at Nutri Avenue’s US warehouse. Prices are well below market rates. Welcome to get a free quote.

5-HTP Ferment

The market price of this ingredient is basically $90-105/kg. Nutri Avenue’s US warehouse now has 100kg pure 5-HTP 99% powder ferment. Prices are below market. Welcome to get a free quote.


The recommended specification of Nutri Avenue is Rutin 95% pure powder. The market price is around $42/kg. Nutri Avenue can provide Rutin powder below the market price.

Ajuga Extract

Ajuga Extract 10% Turkesterone powder is generally divided into two types, namely Turkesterone UV and Turkesterone HPLC. Turkesterone powder 10% pure UV is in stock in the US. The quotation is generally at $125-140/kg. The market price of Turkesterone 10% pure powder HPLC is generally $130-180/kg. Now, the Ajuga Extract Turkesterone 10% HPLC offered by Nutri Avenue is $80-130/kg (China stock).

As a raw ingredients supplier, Nutri Avenue is dedicated to focusing on and researching the supplement ingredients industry. We will continue to update the ingredients’ market prices every week. If you have any interest in certain ingredients, welcome to contact us to let us support you and your business.



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