Maximizing Workout Exercises with Pre-workout Supplement N-methyltyramine HCL

N-methyltyramine HCL

Maximizing Workout Exercises with Pre-workout Supplement N-methyltyramine HCL

A well-suited pre-workout consists of effective preparation exercises, healthy diet and an efficient stimulant supplement. For several years, the compound N-methyltyramine HCL has become among the most important ingredients in top-of-the-line pre-workout supplement brands. While most individuals believe that the compound is a naturally-occurring neurotransmitter due to its effects in enhancing energy levels and overall bodily process activities, experts say that it is primarily derived from natural sources such as plants. N-methyltyramine HCL was first discovered in the 1950’s during an experimental study conducted on barley roots. With the proven similarities of the molecular structures of N-methyltyramine HCL with other essential compounds such as Synephrine, Hordenine and Octopamine, extensive studies to determine the health effects of the compound has then been initiated.

What is N-methyltyramine HCL?

First isolated in barley, N-methyltyramine HCL is a natural essential compound found in trace amounts among humans. Most sources of N-methyltyramine HCL are plants such as Bitter orange and Acacia species. It is primarily beneficial among athletes and bodybuilders but may also prove to be effective among individuals seeking to lose weight and those who are in need of a boost in mental function such as the elderly and adults. Experts say that the compound N-methyltyramine HCL also works to increase concentrations of several neurotransmitters, thereby enhance overall brain function.

Primary uses of N-methyltyramine HCL

The benefits associated with N-methyltyramine HCL are still not yet fully determined due to lack of actual human studies. Some health effects, however, are already published in several health magazines due to their recognized potential effects in health study fields. The following are some of the known primary uses of N-methyltyramine HCL supplements:

  1. It stimulates “fight and flight” responses

The activation of the “fight and flight” responses is a primary function of an increase in the hormone epinephrine. In several studies, experts have made conclusions that due to the effects of N-methyltyramine HCL in potentially-stimulating fight and flight responses, it may be an effective booster for individuals with low epinephrine levels. It may also be a replacement for certain stimulants which are banned in the market due to health risks such as DMAA.

  1. It may improve mood

Some independent studies also show that individuals suffering from mood disorders such as depression, mania and bipolar conditions may find relief with N-methyltyramine HCL supplementation. The compound effectively increases and regulates production of neurotransmitters affecting mood in the brain. There are, however, limited evidences as to the effects of N-methyltyramine HCL in boosting hormonal production to stimulate mood.

  1. It increases energy levels

N-methyltyramine HCL is also known to enhance fat burning processes through metabolism-boosting effects. This benefit directly enhances energy levels for effective work-out exercises. It is advisable to take N-methyltyramine HCL during the pre-workout phase for maximum health benefits.


Since its early discovery, N-methyltyramine HCL is believed to be a promising compound in the field of health supplement manufacture. Today, it is used extensively for various health purposes.

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