Medium Chain Triglyceride Powder: Fatty Acid for Alzheimer’s Treatment

Medium Chain Triglyceride Powder

Medium Chain Triglyceride Powder: Fatty Acid for Alzheimer’s Treatment

Some conditions which result to mal-absorption of essential vitamins, minerals and macro nutrients can be dangerous when they progress over long periods of time. In order to treat these conditions, experts usually recommend the use of a partially man-made compound known as Medium Chain Triglyceride Powder or MCTs. This compound is very useful in promoting absorption of nutrients in the small intestines among persons who are suffering from gastrointestinal tract disorders like diarrhea and celiac disease. Studies also show that the compound Medium Chain Triglyceride Powder may be helpful among patients who have just undergone surgical operation of the intestines as these patients usually experience difficulty in absorbing nutrients. Although primarily used in the field of medicine as a potential preventive measure and treatment for mal-absorption conditions, experts say that Medium Chain Triglyceride Powder supplementation may also be useful for various purposes. Health claims on Medium Chain Triglyceride Powder are, however, still undergoing confirmatory studies.

What is Medium Chain Triglyceride Powder?

More popularly referred to in the field of alternative medicine as MCTs, Medium Chain Triglyceride Powder is a common ingredient in many health supplement products indicated for persons with absorption disabilities, as well as those who are in need of maintaining a certain body weight due to the fact that they are at risk for developing lifestyle-associated conditions. Medium Chain Triglyceride Powder promotes weight loss and it effectively supplies sufficient amounts of healthy fats in the body, thereby preventing damaging effects caused by bad cholesterol and triglycerides. Medium Chain Triglyceride Powder is a type of a fatty-acid structure which has been derived from natural sources including coconut oil and palm kernel oils. Although condisered a fatty acid, Medium Chain Triglyceride Powder does not, at all, increase risk for cardiovascular conditions, Diabetes Mellitus and other lifestyle-associated illnesses. However, it must not be taken in excessive doses.

What are the benefits of using Medium Chain Triglyceride Powder?

The health benefits of Medium Chain Triglyceride Powder are so extensive as to affect other nervous system conditions. The following are some of the claimed benefits of using the compound:

  1. It may help treat Alzheimer’s disease

By providing sufficient amounts of essential fats in the body, experts have discovered that Medium Chain Triglyceride Powder helps promote production of certain compounds in body cells which may have effects I n Alzheimer’s disease prevention. This claim is still being subjected to deeper studies.

  1. It is a fat-source in TPN

Patients who are unable to use their digestive tract due to certain conditions are engaged to Total Parenteral Nutrition or intravenous feeding. Experts say that Medium Chain Triglyceride Powder may be used to provide healthy fats to patients under TPN.

  1. It may increase lean muscle mass development

Bodybuilders also use Medium Chain Triglyceride Powder to help enhance lean muscle mass development. However, this claim is not fully proven.


Medium Chain Triglyceride Powder supplementation is recommended for many individual groups. It is, however, very important to use Medium Chain Triglyceride Powder only within recommended doses.

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