Melatonin: The Safest and Most Efficient Sleeping pill


Melatonin: The Safest and Most Efficient Sleeping pill

Due to unhealthy lifestyle and long-term exposure to stressful environments, studies show the modern adult individual’s natural production of melatonin, an essential hormone for sleep-wake pattern regulation, is now compromised. This results to the development of various symptoms such as irritability and mood changes which affect not only the performance of daily activities but also interpersonal relationships. In order to supplement the body’s need for melatonin, experts have developed isolation procedures to derive melatonin from animals and plants and apply them for human use. Today, melatonin-containing health supplements are being used not only for regulation of sleep but also for many other health benefits.

What is Melatonin?

Although taken from plant and animal sources, naturally-derived melatonin is proven to work just like the hormone melatonin produced by the human body. Safety issues involving the drug have already been settled with the conclusion of studies which have established that Melatonin use is not in any way associated with the development of adverse symptoms, unless used in high doses. Unlike tranquilizers and other anti-anxiety medications, Melatonin is also shown to have no addictive properties.

Benefits of using Melatonin Health Supplements

Aside from promoting rest and treating insomnia, taking Melatonin supplements may contribute to overall health and wellness through the following health benefits:

  1. It may help protect neurons

Both the natural and derivate forms of melatonin are shown in a certain study to help protect neurons from destruction brought about by environmental stress and the ordinary process of wear and tear. The neuro-protective effect of Melatonin is currently being studied upon further as this benefit may lead to the prevention of degenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia.

  1. It has antioxidant effects

Melatonin is classified not just as a hormone but also as a potent antioxidant. Studies show that the antioxidant potentials of Melatonin may help contribute to its effects in eliminating circulating free radicals and preventing cancer cell growth. The compound may also help reduce triglyceride levels by scavenging fat deposits in blood vessels, leading to healthier cardiovascular function.

  1. It may help treat depression and improve mood

By helping individuals complete adequate sleep hours, Melatonin is believed to directly improve mood and treat depression. A certain study also suggests that the supplementation of the hormone Melatonin through isolated compounds might stimulate serotonin production, leading to improvement in mood.

  1. It protects the gallbladder

The development of gallbladder stones among working individuals is linked to low melatonin levels. This is the conclusion made in a certain study conducted to determine the correlation between gallstones and melatonin as well as the possibility of treating the disorder with the hormone. The findings of the study are currently being subjected to review by more advanced laboratory facilities.


Tentative evidences also show that Melatonin may be effective in treating tinnitus, headache and other symptoms. Since the supplement is not addictive, it is primarily beneficial to most adult users.

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