Methionine, Vitamin & Plant Extract News 2022

Methionine Vitamin Plant Extract News 2022

Methionine, Vitamin & Plant Extract News 2022


A fire broke out in CJ’s methionine factory in Malaysia on July 21st. CJ was conducting an internal inspection and confirmed the production situation. According to market knowledge, the current transaction price is slightly lower. 

Methionine manufacturers offer RMB 21-22 /kg, and the actual transaction price is still in the low range. The price of solid eggs in the trade market is RMB 19.8-20.5 /kg, and some parts are as low as RMB 19.5 /kg, and bargaining is the main deal. The actual transaction price of liquid egg manufacturers is still low, and the quotation of liquid eggs in the trade market is RMB 15.5-16.0 /kg. 


The terminal demand has picked up month-on-month. In August, domestic production enterprises carried out routine maintenance as planned. However, it is expected that a new production capacity will be put into operation in the industry in August, and the oversupply will continue to increase. It is expected that domestic prices will be easy to fall and difficult to rise.

Vitamins Price Update

vitamins price update

The market price of VA1000 in Europe is EUR 44-49 /kg. 

Recently, some users have made a small amount of replenishment at low prices. After the price fell broadly, some manufacturers stopped reporting or quoted slightly higher. Xinhecheng plans to suspend production and maintenance for 10 weeks in mid-June, and Zhejiang Medicine’s vitamin AE production line will suspend production and maintenance in mid-July.

  • Vitamin E

The European market price is EUR 9.3-9.65 /kg. 

Domestic manufacturers mainly send pre-orders, and import manufacturers follow the market. According to the purchase volume, production date and brand, the market price is RMB 80-85 /kg. Xinhecheng Weifang vitamin E factor is scheduled to start production shutdown on June 15th. It is expected that the shutdown of this factor will last for 8 to 9 weeks. Beisha Pharmaceutical stopped production and maintenance on June 15th, and it is expected to last for 7 to 8 weeks. On June 14th, Xinhecheng quoted RMB90 /kg. On July 26th, Zhejiang Medicine reported RMB 90 /kg.

According to different brands and production dates, the domestic market price is RMB 38-42 /kg, and the price of some brands is low.

  • Vitamin B2

Domestic B2 manufacturers have a large supply, and imported manufacturers also sell them. The market inventory and previous orders are relatively large. According to different brands, the market price is RMB 90-95 /kg, and some new brands have low prices. Pay attention to the supply of new manufacturers’ products. 

European prices are EUR 16.0-17.0 /kg. Guangji Pharmaceuticals quoted RMB 115 /kg on April 25th; on May 31st, Hicano quoted RMB 125.00 /kg. From July 5th, the price of the 80% feed grade VB2 from the “Enbei” brand has been raised to RMB 130 /kg.

European market prices fell by EUR 10.0-10.5/kg. Domestic users mainly digest inventory. The market price is RMB 65-70 /kg for reference only, and the local price is slightly lower.

  • Calcium pantothenate

The European market price is EUR 49.0-55.0 /kg. 

On May 24th, some domestic factories quoted RMB 650 /kg. The export price was US 85 /kg, and the delivery of pre-orders was tight. Some channels have low quotations, and the market price fluctuates greatly. The market quotation of RMB 200-360 /kg is for reference only. The market is mainly wait-and-see, and transactions are cautious.

2% biotin in Europe is quoted at EUR 6.0-6.4 /kg. The domestic market price is generally around RMB 52-56 /kg, the price of some brands is slightly lower, and the transaction situation is average.

  • Vitamin C

The domestic supply of vitamin C is slightly loose. The export is good, and the domestic market price is slightly weaker. Xinhecheng’s Heilongjiang VC plant will be shut down for maintenance in July, which is expected to last for 10 to 12 weeks.

The market supply of inositol has been stable recently, some manufacturers have raised prices, and market quotations have risen.

Xinhecheng has been put into production. Recently, the market price has generally dropped, and the quotation is around RMB 120 /kg. There are a small number of low-cost sources of goods in some places; pay attention to the supply of new manufacturers in the later stage.

  • Vitamin B1

The recent market inquiries and purchases have been basically stable, and the prices of individual raw materials have risen.

Recently, the quotations of manufacturers have weakened, and the quotations in the trade market have been stable with some declines.

vitamin price
  • Vitamin K3

There are two reasons that K3 manufacturers have raised their quotations. One is a shortage of raw materials, and the other is production costs have risen sharply. 

On March 21st, Zhenhua Minfeng Vitamin K3 MSB quoted RMB 255 /kg, and MNB quoted RMB 275 /kg. In May, Brother Technology, Zhenhua Minfeng, and Wanida stopped reporting one after another. After the market price rises, the transaction is normal. Pay attention to the execution of the order.

The price of raw materials has risen. The export quotations of manufacturers are high. The domestic market transaction is light. And the price has been weak and stable recently.

There is a big difference in the quotations of manufacturers, and the market price fluctuates at a low level. New and completed products supply the market.

  • Choline chloride

The supply of domestic raw materials has eased slightly, and the price of choline chloride has been adjusted at a high level. Focus on the price changes of raw materials in the later period.

The Latest Plant Extracts Research 2022

1. Curcumin

Natural products, from suppliers to brands, retailers, and even consumers and anyone involved, are looking to unlock more of the health potential of plant-based substances. Among them, curcumin is one of the most common substances in scientific research.

There are some new findings on curcumin by researchers in 2022 as below:

curcumin research 2022
  • Fast-acting alternatives for musculoskeletal pain

The botanical combination is a safe alternative to the analgesics commonly used to treat this type of pain. Five major pain areas, such as the head, neck, upper extremity, trunk, and lower extremity, decreased pain intensity by more than 96% across all modalities of rest, movement, and pressure, while placebo showed inadvertent changes.

  • Tamemarkers of inflammation
  • Targets post-exercise muscles & joints

The researchers found that curcumin supplementation significantly reduced serum CK activity, muscle soreness, and concentrations of the inflammatory marker tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha. Curcumin also improved MVC and ROM. There is data to suggest that taking 300 mg per day of curcumin per week is the best option for reducing exercise-induced muscle and joint factors.

2. New Plant Extraction Test Method

  • Waste-free Protein Extraction Method

In recent years, people in the industry often put forward the environmental protection concept of a circular economy. Among them, a start-up company, Gavan Technologies, Ltd. (Acre, Israel), has developed a novel waste-free protein extraction method. This approach completes the sustainability cycle through sustainable upcycling practices. The company says it supports the circular economy by making total plant extraction the core of its operations.

Itai Cohen, the CEO & co-founder of Gavan said: “Our new multi-step technology platform allows us to take any plant source, isolate and extract multiple proteins and other valuable components until those sources are completely consumed. No part of the factor is ignored. Also, for the protein, we keep it in its original form, that is, without any changes to its physical structure. This way, the nutritional and functional qualities of all sources are fully preserved.”

The zero waste extraction method utilizes the versatility of each plant ingredient’s unique functional properties to produce: natural colors, protein isolates, flavor enhancers, gluten substitutes, and other useful compounds. The process requires zero to minimal heat, which can reduce energy consumption by a factor of ten.

Many of the methods employed in traditional protein extraction involve heterogeneous chemical processes, resulting in inherent losses in yield and quality at each step. Up to 80% of plant resources can be wasted or used as compost or animal feed. In some cases, companies have to allocate funds to remove waste, which is another waste. And, after these wastes, there is no guarantee that the resulting product is of high quality and beneficial to the human body. If you take further methods, such as drying, it will only be more expensive and not environmentally friendly. The generation of all these problems does not lie in the source, nor in the product, but in the process.

Gavan Technologies, Ltd. is a company that has decided from the beginning to develop advanced protein extraction methods that are reproducible by design. Harness all the components of plants and explore their functional potential in endless food applications without any sensory flaws.

Extracting 92% of a high-quality protein isolate in a lentil pilot trial yielded additional value components, including complex carbohydrates, fiber, minerals, and fat. These are converted into nutritious, neutral-flavored, gluten-free flours. Gavan Technologies, Ltd. Also manufactures a highly functional, protein-rich emulsifier suitable for use as an egg white substitute. Also, the same process can be applied to any vegetable protein source, such as soy, chickpeas, lentils, algae, etc.

Not only that, but the zero waste extraction method has also successfully extracted a wide variety of products from plants, such as protein-rich blue and brown colorants from spirulina. And the remainder of spirulina can generate a range of flavors based on protein enhancers.

At present, the technology of Gavan Technologies, Ltd. is still being improved, and it is expected that the products extracted by this technology will be gradually introduced to the market in 2023.

waste-free protein extraction method for spirulina

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