Methylcobalamin: Activated Vitamin B12 For Maximum Health Results


Methylcobalamin: Activated Vitamin B12 For Maximum Health Results

Experts affect changes in the molecular structures of vitamins to enhance the efficiency of use and bioavailability. For the popular essential nutrient Vitamin B12, scientists recommend using the most efficient Vitamin B12 form known as Methylcobalamin. Compared to other Vitamin B12 forms, Methylcobalamin has excellent bioavailability. This is because the nutrient is already activated, and the body does not need to convert it further. Having extended bioavailability, Methylcobalamin is also said to effect changes in the body for long periods without necessary re-supplementation. Methylcobalamin supplements are usually taken through oral routes, but in some cases, sublingual administration is indicated for more rapid absorption. Long-term Methylcobalamin supplementation can improve wellness, especially in the aspect of detoxification.

What Is Methylcobalamin?

Methylcobalamin is a naturally-occurring form of Vitamin B12. It is an activated co-enzyme, meaning the body may readily use it to maintain various bodily processes. Methylcobalamin is usually converted from food sources of Vitamin B12 or synthetic sources. In order to provide the body with readily available Vitamin B12, experts have developed a synthetic form of Methylcobalamin included in various health supplement formulations. Adequate Methylcobalamin levels in the body have been associated with the power-up of several processes, including metabolism. Although the exact role of Methylcobalamin in the human body is not yet fully understood, it is believed to be essential to enhance overall wellness.

What are the health benefits of using Methylcobalamin?

Vitamin B12 forms, in general, provide a lot of health benefits. However, using the Methylcobalamin form is advantageous for various reasons. Some of the health benefits of using Methylcobalamin powder include the following:

  • It helps detoxify heavy metals.

Heavy metals are toxic wastes in the human body that can trigger the development of several health conditions, such as cancers. Certain researches also indicate that these heavy metals may be associated with Diabetes Mellitus progression. Methylcobalamin is said to be among the most effective ways of eliminating heavy metals in the human body through activated detoxification. The vitamin may also help eliminate environmental wastes and chemicals lodged in body cells.

  • It may improve cognitive health.

Studies also show that Methylcobalamin helps eliminate exotoxins and chemicals in the brain, improving brain cell function and nerve impulse transmission. Improving nerve cell function helps prevent the development of nervous system diseases and improves overall cognitive health.

  • It neutralizes homocysteine.

Homocysteine is an undesirable compound in the blood which has long been associated with increased risk for myocardial infarction and other cardiovascular diseases. Experts recommend the use of Methylcobalamin as it is shown to neutralize homocysteine, thereby promoting overall cardiovascular health.


The detoxification effect of Vitamin b12 Methylcobalamin is so massive as to include heavy metals. Since it is a natural vitamin, it is not typically associated with side effects. Nutri Avenue is a professional pure bulk Methylcobalamin supplier. Welcome to get a free quote.

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