Mocan extract: Modern Solution for Psychostimulation

Mocan extract

Mocan extract: Modern Solution for Psychostimulation

The recent decade has revealed a lot of significant facts as to the potential health effects of Mocan or Visnea Mocanera Extract. Although health experts are still puzzled on how the compounds found in the extract exactly works, many scientists say that it works almost similarly like any other psychostimulant drugs. No human subject studies are yet conducted on Mocan extract due to difficulties in obtaining proper subjects. There are, however, several researches conducted on mice and other animal subjects evidencing possible efficiency of the active compounds in Mocan extract. Many health supplement formulations in the modern generation contain Mocan (Visnea mocanera) extract as it is highly advised for use by physicians and experts in the field of medicine.

What is Mocan (Visnea mocanera) extract?

Mocan extract is typically taken from the fruit and leaves of the plant Visnea mocanera. Most laboratory centers, however, prefer to isolate Mocan extract from the fruit as it is shown to yield higher amounts of health compounds. At a certain dose, biological models reveal that Mocan extract may reduce anxiety among mice subjects, indicating potential effects in the neuropsychological responses of the brain. Some researchers theorize that the active compounds found in Mocan extract work by alternating and improving production of certain neurotransmitters in the brain. As to the exact effects of Mocan extract in every human brain neurotransmitter, no study has yet been published, although some researches are currently being completed.

Health benefits of using Mocan extract

Health supplements sold in the market containing Mocan extract are claimed to provide specific health benefits useful for certain individual groups, especially the elderly. The following are among the most well-known claims on Mocan extract health benefits:

  • It may improve overall mood

Most of the studies on Mocan extract are focused on discovering how Mocan extract helps improve mood by reducing anxiety and preventing depression. Human subjects introduced with certain doses of Mocan extract, as compared to placebo samples, are shown to demonstrate improvement in overall mood following long-term supplementation. Experts also say that Mocan extract may work effectively in reducing aging-associated mood changes as well as those which are related to elderly diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia.

  • It has positive antimicrobial activity

A study conducted and published in 1994 reveals that Mocan extract, within a given dose, can help reduce microbial growth not only in the surface of the skin but also in wounds and the internal body structures. Although the compounds in Mocan extract are believed to work against several bacterial strains, there are no concrete evidences as to its effects in viruses, parasites and other microorganisms.

  • It enhances diuresis

The diuretic effect of Mocan extract is also a significant discovery on the benefits of the extract as it can directly result to reduction in blood pressure. The finding is subject to further researches, however, as it affects an important body organ system


The use of Mocan extract in health supplements as began in the recent decade. It is expected to rise in the field of medicine following completion of various clinical studies on its health effects.

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