Modern Organic Thistle: Artichoke extract

Artichoke extract

Modern Organic Thistle: Artichoke extract

Containing volumes of nutrients and phytochemicals is the delicious organic thistle variety known as Artichoke. With all the claimed health effects of eating Artichoke, experts have endeavoured to develop effective extraction procedures to isolate Artichoke nutrients and include them in health supplement formulations. After years of clinical studies, artichoke extracts are now available and are used in the making of dietary supplements for general health. Not only is artichoke extract beneficial among elderly and adult individuals but it may also be essential for children within controlled doses.

What is Artichoke extract?

Artichokes have long been used both as a culinary ingredient and an herbal medication. In a phytochemical study on artichoke extract, it was found that the extract contains several antioxidants such as Cynarine as well as bioactive agents like luteolin and apigenin. Artichoke extracts can be taken from almost all parts of the plant but most of the compounds essential for health can be found in the pulp of the artichoke plant’s leaves.

Health benefits of Artichoke extract

Individuals of all ages may benefit from eating artichokes and taking heath supplements containing artichoke extracts. Some of the health benefits of artichoke extract are the following:

  • It may prevent cancer

Anthocyanins, quercetin, and rutin are among the many antioxidants isolated from Artichoke extract. The vast amount of antioxidants in the extract is said to contribute to its ability to help prevent cancer cell growth and development as antioxidants are known to eliminate circulating free radicals in the body which lead to cell growth mutations.

  • It may promote heart health

Some of the antioxidants and bioactive compounds found in Artichoke extract are also claimed to promote heart health by enhancing elimination of blood impurities and fat accumulations in the blood vessels. Artichoke extract is also believed to reduce blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

  • It may improve digestive system function

A healthy dose of Artichoke extract may also help improve digestive function as the active components of the extract stimulate bile production and reduce bloating. Some studies also show that Artichoke extract increases good bacteria proportion in the gastrointestinal tract.

  • It may improve musculoskeletal health

Unknown to many individuals is the fact that Artichoke extract contains high amounts of Vitamin K, a nutrient essential for bone formation. Magnesium and Calcium in Artichoke extract may also promote musculoskeletal health by providing building blocks for bone mineralization.

  • It may prevent congenital disorders

A lot of obstetricians encouraging the use of herbal medications promote the use of Artichoke extract supplements as the extract is said to prevent congenital anomalies such as neural tube defects and congenital heart defects. There is, however, not exact understanding to this effect.


Artichoke extract is an all-around health supplement ingredient proven safe and effective for individuals of all ages. It may provide benefits when eaten as a vegetable but it has a lot more effects when taken in supplement forms.

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