How Long Does Monk Fruit Sweetener Be The Next Erythritol?

Luo Han Guo Sweentener

How Long Does Monk Fruit Sweetener Be The Next Erythritol?

According to the Valuates Reports report, by 2026, the global natural sweetener market size is expected to grow from US$22.49 billion in 2020 to US$27.94 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 3.7%.

Among them, the demand for monk fructose as a member of natural sweeteners is also increasing. According to data from the market research agency SPINS, among the main sweeteners, Mogroside will achieve a market growth rate of 20% in 2021, which is evident in the fast growth rate.

In the Chinese market, the popularity of Luo Han Guo is also increasing. Especially since Naixue officially announced the full use of lo han sweetener in stores, this raw material immediately became the industry’s focus.

It can’t help but remind people of the erythritol that exploded through Yuanqi Forest, so how far is Monk fruit sweetener from becoming the next erythritol? What are potential tracks worth attention when it lands in the application market?

monk fruit sweentener

How Does Chat GPT View Monk Fruit Sweetener?

Today we introduce a “powerful” partner – Chat GPT, to see how the most popular artificial intelligence views Monk Fruit Sweetener and what inspirations its answers can bring us.

Question: Do you know monk fruit sweetener?

Chat GPT:

Lo han sweetener is a natural sweetener, usually extracted from monk fruit. Luo Han Guo, also called monk fruit, is a common fruit in Asia. It contains various nutrients and bioactive components, such as vitamin C, polyphenols, saponins, etc. Monk fruit sweetener has attracted much attention because of its sweet taste, low calorie, and natural characteristics. It is widely used in food, beverage, health care products, and other fields. Monk fruit sweetener is healthier and more natural than traditional sugar sweeteners, so it is very popular among consumers.

Question: Compared with erythritol, what are the advantages and disadvantages of monk fruit sweetener?

Chat GPT:

Monk fruit sweetener and erythritol are both common sugar substitute raw ingredients, and they have the following advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Lo Han Sweetener:

  • Low-calorie

Monk fruit sweetener contains only 1.6 calories per gram, lower than erythritol.

  • Antioxidant

Monk fruit sweetener contains a variety of flavonoids and vitamin C, and other antioxidant substances, which has more antioxidant capacity than erythritol.

Disadvantages of Lo Han Guo Sweetener:

  • Bitterness

The bitterness of Luo Han Fructose may affect the taste and popularity of food, and it is necessary to find effective ways to reduce or remove the bitterness in the process of research and development, and production.

  • Higher price

Compared with erythritol, the price of Monk Fruit Sweetener is higher, which will lead to its lack of competitiveness in the market.

Advantages of Erythritol:

  • High sweetness

The sweetness of erythritol is about 60%~70% of that of sucrose, which is closer to the sweetness of sucrose than monk fructose.

  • No bitterness

Erythritol does not produce bitterness, so it is more suitable for situations where the original taste of food needs to be maintained.

Disadvantages of Erythritol:

  • High-calorie content

The caloric content of erythritol is 2.6 kcal/g, which is higher than monk fruit sweetener.

  • It may cause side effects such as abdominal distension.

Erythritol may cause gastrointestinal discomfort when ingested in large amounts, such as abdominal distension, diarrhea, and other adverse reactions.

* Selecting the appropriate sugar substitute raw material is necessary according to the specific usage. If you need to control calorie intake and blood sugar, monk fruit sweetener may be more suitable; if you need to maintain food’s original taste, erythritol may be more suitable.

It can be found that compared with erythritol, Monk fruit mogrosin has advantages in terms of calories, anti-oxidation, and safety. However, according to the current market application situation, there is still a big gap between the application of monk fruit sweetener and erythritol, which is mainly related to its price. Then, what factors affect the price, and what problems must be solved if Luo Han sweetener is to be widely used? How to solve it?

Chat GPT also gave its answer.

Question: What unfavorable factors need to be resolved if Luo Han fructose is to be more widely used?

Chat GPT:

  • Unstable output

The planting and harvesting of Luo Han Guo has a certain seasonality and is affected by climate, disasters, and other factors, and the output is unstable, which will cause certain restrictions on the supply of monk fruit sweetener.

  • High production cost

Compared with other sugar substitute raw materials, such as sucrose and beet sugar, the production cost of monk fruit extract fructose is relatively high, which will lead to a relatively high price in the market.

  • Bitterness

The bitterness of monk fruit may affect the taste and popularity of food. It is necessary to find effective ways to reduce or remove the bitterness in the process of research and development, and production.

  • Low market recognition

Compared with other sugar substitute raw materials, Lo Han sweetener has low market recognition and needs more publicity and promotion to increase its popularity and acceptance.

Therefore, in order to solve these issues, the following measures can be taken:

  1. Optimize planting and harvesting techniques to increase the yield and stability of monk fruit and reduce its production cost.
  2. Strengthen research and development, find effective ways to reduce or remove the bitterness of lo han fruit, and improve the taste and popularity of food.
  3. Carry out marketing promotion, increase the popularity and recognition of monk fruit sweetener, and increase consumers’ trust and acceptance of it.
  4. Carry out scientific research, deeply explore the efficacy and safety of monk fruit sweentener, and improve its application value in medical, health care, and other fields.

How Far Is Monk Fruit Sweetener From The Next Erythritol?

On the whole, if monk fruit sweetener wants to rise, it needs to solve the problems of market awareness, production, cost, and so on.

Among them, the yield problem is the most important limitation of Luo Han Fructose. The origin of monk fruit is mainly concentrated in Guilin, Guangxi, and the singleness of the planting area limits its development to a certain extent. According to data from Guosen Securities, the output of monk fruit sweetener is about 1,100 tons.

Compared with erythritol production, Sanyuan Biotech’s output alone has reached 135,000 tons. Coupled with the overweight of companies such as Baolingbao and Huakang, erythritol powder has almost no cost in terms of cost and response to supply and demand. There is no problem.

In response to issues such as the production capacity of Luo Han Guo, Chat GPT mentioned ways to optimize planting and harvesting technologies. In fact, some leading companies, such as Huacheng Biotech and Rhine Biotech, are moving towards this path, breaking through the geographical restrictions on the cultivation of Luo Han Guo. In addition, Rhine Bio is also exploring the production of monk fruit extract sweetener through biosynthesis technology.

While domestic enterprises are accelerating, foreign enterprises are not to be outdone. Elo Life Systems, a food technology company, adds the genetic information of monk fruit’s sweet taste to various common and easy-to-cultivate plants in the United States, such as watermelon, sorghum, and sugar beets, to obtain products that can be produced stably and at a favorable price.

Regarding the low awareness of the monk fruit sweetener market, the promotion of terminal enterprises plays a vital role.

From the perspective of erythritol, its rise is driven by brands such as Yuanqi Forest, Nongfu Spring, and Pepsi but cannot lack the help of ready-made tea brands such as Heytea and CoCo. Naixue’s tea currently drives Monk Fruit Sweetener, and more brands may participate in the future.

On the whole, Monk Fruit Sweetener still has a certain distance from becoming the next erythritol, but it is not far away. With the improvement of domestic consumers’ awareness of Monk fruit sweetener and the addition of more brands, Luo Han sweetener has the potential to stand at the center of mainstream sugar substitute raw ingredients.

What’s more worth mentioning is that Luo Han Guo itself is also a homologous substance of medicine and food. In addition to sugar substitutes, it has more application possibilities in other directions.

Question: What other application potentials does monkfruit have besides being used as a sugar substitute raw material?

Chat GPT:

In addition to being used as a sugar substitute raw material, Luo Han Guo fruit has many other potential applications:

  • Food additives

Luo Han Guo extract contains a variety of antioxidant substances, which can be used as natural food additives to increase the shelf life and taste of food.

  • Medicinal value

Monk fruit is rich in flavonoids, which can help prevent and treat many diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, tumors, diabetes, etc.

  • Skin health care products

The flavonoids, vitamin C, and other antioxidants in Luo Han Guo fruit can help reduce skin aging and maintain elasticity and luster.

  • Cosmetic raw materials

Monk fruit extract can be used as a natural raw material in cosmetics to reduce skin spots, increase skin luster, improve skin texture, etc.

  • Biomass energy

Waste such as monk fruit shells and cores can be used as biomass energy for energy conversion and utilization.

In a word, monk fruit extract sweetener has a wide range of application potential, and it may be more applied and developed in many fields in the future.

Specifically, Luo Han fruit is used as a food additive. In addition to being directly added to various foods and beverages, it can also be used as table sugar.

According to the “Sugar Intake Level and Risk Assessment of Chinese Urban Residents,” Chinese residents’ number one source of sugar intake is cooking sugar. It is believed that with the gradual deepening of consumers’ understanding of Luo Han Guo, it will have great potential to be used as table sugar.

In addition, monk fruit may also play a role in the field of baking. For baked products with high starch content, adding sucrose means that consumers have to consume more sugar. However, monkfruit can reduce sugar intake to a certain extent.

Give full play to its medicinal value. The current products on the market mainly focus on clearing away heat, relieving the throat cough, and reducing phlegm. Other medicinal values of Luo Han Guo have yet to be further developed. There are even fewer applications in skin care products and cosmetics, and almost no such products are on the market. For biomass energy, it may have to wait until the production of Luo Han Guo increases before more companies will pay attention to this direction.

How Does Chat GPT Predict The Future Development Of Monk Fruit?

Question: Predict the future development of Monk fruit.

monk fruit

Chat GPT:

As humans pay more and more attention to health and natural food, the market demand for Luo Han Guo, a natural sweetener, will also increase. It can expect that in the next few years, the market size of Luo Han Fruit will continue to expand, and the application fields of this ingredient will continue to expand, including food, beverages, health products, cosmetics, and other fields.

At the same time, with the continuous advancement of science and technology, the production technology of monk fruit will continue to improve, and its production cost will gradually decrease, making its price more affordable and further promoting the market demand for Luo Han Guo.

In the future development, the main challenges of monk fruit sweetener may include intensified market competition, continuous improvement of production technology, and environmental protection.

In order to maintain market competitiveness, monkfruit extract sweetener production enterprises need to continuously improve their own technology and product quality and seek wider application fields. Meanwhile, enterprises need to continuously optimize the production process and reduce waste emissions to protect the environment.

Overall, Luo Han Guo Fruit extract sweetener has broad application prospects and good development potential. Still, it requires continuous innovation and development of enterprises to meet the challenges and demands of the market, as well as support and encouragement from the government and society.

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