Monosodium D-Aspartrate: Secret to Men’s perfect Health

Monosodium D-Aspartrate

Monosodium D-Aspartrate: Secret to Men’s perfect Health

Subject to the fact that it only provides temporary rise in testosterone levels, which is utmost a week or two, experts are fully convinced on the effects of Monosodium D-Aspartate promoting sexual health among men. While the compound is naturally produced in the human body, it being classified as a non-essential amino acid, supplementation is deemed necessary especially among elderly individuals due to the gradual deterioration of amino acid production as a result of aging. Over the years, experts have developed several pharmacodynamic patterns as to the effects of Monosodium D-Aspartate in the human body. While most health claims are not fully understood as of yet, quantitative researches confirm claims, making Monosodium D-Aspartate a significant health supplement component.

 What is Monosodium D-Aspartate?

Monosodium D-Aspartate is derived from the parent compound D-aspartic acid or simply aspartic acid. It is a physiologic amino acid which is primarily essential in the build-up of hormones, including testosterone in men. Clinical studies also show that the compound Monosodium D-Aspartate may play active roles in the synthesis of Luteinizing Hormone, an anterior pituitary gland hormone necessary for the process of ovulation among women. Compared to other D-aspartic acid derivatives, Monosodium D-Aspartate is also preferred by manufacturers of several health supplements as it has longer bioavailability and better absorbability in the bloodstream.

Health benefits of using Monosodium D-Aspartate

The compound Monosodium D-Aspartate is usually referred to as the “health supplement component for optimum male health”. This is because most of its health benefits are associated with men. Here are some of the uses of Monosodium D-Aspartate supplements:

1. It promotes male fertility

One of the factors contributing to infertility among males is low testosterone levels. Quantitative studies on Monosodium D-Aspartate reveal that the compound may help promote fertility among males by increasing testosterone levels, even among the elderly. No evidences are, however, available to determine whether the compound is helpful among patients suffering from infertility brought about by factors other than low testosterone levels.

2. It may promote lean muscle development

Some health supplements for athletes and bodybuilders are also formulated with Monosodium D-Aspartate as the compound is proven to help promote lean muscle development and fat loss. Testosterone primarily works to increase muscle mass and enhance masculinity figure and by increasing the quantity of the hormone in the body through Monosodium D-Aspartate supplementation, its intended health effects may be achieved.

3. It may enhance metabolism

The newest studies on Monosodium D-Aspartate show that it has potential contributory effects in enhancing metabolism as its parent compound D-aspartic acid is a building block for thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones are the most important hormones responsible for metabolism or the process of converting fat reserves into energy and heat.


Monosodium D-Aspartate is not yet a fully-explored compound as it is naturally-occurring among humans and not necessarily taken from food sources. Increasing Monosodium D-Aspartate levels in the body is beneficial and also proven safe by studies.

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