Mulethi Root extract: The Efficient Microbial Growth Controller with Weight Loss Benefits

Mulethi Root extract

More than being known for its antibiotic properties and its effect in the prevention of sore throat in the early days, modern health experts have discovered that Mulethi Root extract is quite beneficial in the treatment of metabolic syndrome. This means that the extract may have contributory effects in the prevention and control of signs and symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus as it helps prevent metabolic emergencies. It may also be useful in the control of weight among obese patients as it may have contributory effects in the enhancement of food breakdown, absorption and elimination. There are many studies being conducted today to prove the effects of Mulethi Root extract among individual users. However, most of the studies on Mulethi Root extract are only quantitative in nature, meaning, they do not exactly provide foundational baseline for the claim. Health experts recommend the use of Mulethi Root extract in health supplement formulations but it must be taken with caution.

What is Mulethi Root extract?

Also known as Licorice, Mulethi Root extract is gaining popularity all over the world for its unique and amazing health benefits. Generally, it is classified as a legume as it belongs to the same family. It is commonly used in various food production fields such as in the making of sweets, beer and chewing gum. It may also be used in cosmetics industry, as well as in the production of toothpastes and soaps. According to modern studies, the health supplement ingredient Mulethi Root extract is very useful as it contains several flavonoid compounds and antioxidants. It also contains a main component known as glycyrrhizin, which is also useful in enhancement of health. Studies also show that Mulethi Root extract yields high amounts of vitamins and minerals, which include Vitamin B complex and Vitamin E, Potassium, Phosphorus and Zinc.

What are the benefits of using Mulethi Root extract?

Supplementing Mulethi Root extract provides various health benefits which include the following:

  1. It may prevent stomach inflammation

Inflammation of the stomach commonly occurs due to microorganismic invasion or other causative factors. Experts say that Mulethi Root extract may help prevent the condition as it provides a healthy digestive tract environment.

  1. It may help control liver disease

Many persons who are suffering from liver diseases and manifesting symptoms of liver damage are shown to find benefits with Mulethi Root extract supplementation. Experts say that Mulethi Root extract might help control liver degeneration.

  1. It promotes a healthy skin glow

Mulethi Root extract may also be useful in the skin as it increases Vitamin E levels. Experts say that the compound may be useful in maintaining youthful skin glow.


It is generally safe to use Mulethi Root extract in health supplement formulations but excessive doses of the compounds may be potentially harmful to health. Thus, persons who are suffering from certain conditions must consult their physicians prior to use.

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