Muscle Condition Maintenance via AAKG


Muscle Condition Maintenance via AAKG

There are many different supplements that are offered in the store, supplements that could improve your body shape, body circulation and even supplements that could actually make you feel stronger and supplements that could affect the growth of your muscles.

Well, arginine alphaketoglutarate is one of them and maybe it is the best supplement for you, we’ll never know unless we are going to dig deeper and understand what arginine alphaketoglutarate is.

What Is AAKG?

Arginine Alphaketoglutarate is a compound produced by the combination of arginine and alpha-ketoglutarate. Before discussing AAKG, we must look back into its origin so that we can understand the function of the new compound better. Arginine also known as L-arginine is an amino acid which has several functions in the body such as wound healing, aiding the kidney removing waste from our bodies and balances the functions of immune system and hormone.

According to several L-arginine reviews, arginine is one of the best amino acid supplements because it helps in producing nitric oxide which is helpful in relaxing the body vessels and controlling blood flows which is very helpful in treating cardio-vascular diseases. There are also benefits of arginine such as lowering of blood pressure, correcting erectile dysfunction; arginine is also noted to be good in body building and the things I mentioned above.

Though the benefits are good and factual, there are still side effects of arginine such as diarrhea, vomiting, bloating and abdominal pain. The side effects are normal and it gives a little pain but arginine supplements are noted to be effective especially when used with caution and it is used with discipline. Alpha-ketoglutarate on the other hand is a chemical found in the body and it is used medically to cure diseases. Alpha-ketoglutarate works in many parts of the body to aid in wound healing and improving the condition of muscles when it is worn out due to intense work outs or activities.

Alpha-ketoglutarate is also responsible in creating energy which is used by the different parts of the body. From the description of the two compounds combined, it shows that the two have things in common both in function and effect that it provides to the body. Arginine alphaketoglutarate is a non-essential amino acid which is very important in manufacturing nitric oxide especially in the liver.

We must not forget that Arginine alpha ketoglutarate is a naturally produced chemical in the body which aids in the maintenance of the cells, tissues and muscles. AAKG is also used as an ingredient to different supplements which aims to add volume to the muscles. You also must remember that AAKG contains both l-arginine and alpha-ketoglutarate.

AAKG is also known to be the medium of the citric cycle or Krebs cycle which is responsible in providing energy to the different muscles of the body. This means that without arginine alphaketoglutarate, distribution and production of energy to the muscles will be impossible and this may cause weakening of the body.

AAKG From Nutri Avenue

What is the recommended and safe dosage?

When you are planning to take AAKG as your pre-work out supplement, the recommended dosage of AAKG is 2 to 15 grams per day depending on what your body can take or the prescription given to you by your physician if you are using powder. For tablets,take 2 to 3 times a day 30 minutes before work out.

Athletes and body builders commonly consume ½ of AAKG powder which is equal to 4 grams 3 times a day, so the dosage that a person could use is 12 grams daily. Even the recommended dosage is very high, there are no reported side effects of Arginine alphaketoglutarate, and this means that it is very safe to use arginine alphaketoglutarate when you want to boost your athletic performance and achieve the health benefits it could offer.

Though it is proven safe and effective, the safety of arginine alphaketoglutarate in long term use is not yet proven so it is advised to take it with caution.

Taking AAKG in high doses for more than 80 days is not advised so for the users of this supplement, you must lower your doses after 80 days to avoid unwanted side effects. In some cases, there are people who are sensitive and had experienced effects such as dizziness, vomiting and light headedness, aside from these, there are no serious side effects recorded. Due to these cases, if you know that you have some allergies, it is better to consult your physician before taking any supplements to avoid such results.

Moreover, you should keep in mind that over dosing is never recommended, as I always remind you taking too much is not needed because the enough amount of the supplement you are taking is the only thing which is beneficial to your body. The bottom line is, do not take too much because arginine alphaketoglutarate can cause insomnia, stomach pain and restlessness.

I mentioned that arginine alphaketoglutarate is generally safe for adults but there is always an exception, if you are pregnant or breast feeding, you must not use AAKG because it might give negative effects to your baby so it is better to stay out of AAKG.

In addition, if you have problems with your kidney and liver and you want to take AAKG as your supplement, you must consult your physician first to ensure safety and other unwanted results. If you are a person who aims to have a coveted body and stronger muscles, then you should choose your desired supplement online and buy it.

AAKG supplement might be the supplement that suits your body and life style. You must remember to consult your physician first especially when you are not sure how to take it or when to take it and you must take AAKG supplements with caution and discipline so that the desired results will be attained.

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