Myrrh extract: Effective for Modern Day Health

Myrrh extract

Myrrh extract: Effective for Modern Day Health

More than its uses in the field of embalming, Myrrh extract is believed in ancient cultures as an effective tool for health promotion. The use of Myrrh extract in treating wounds and preventing infections as well as in the treatment of hay fever is shown to have begun in as early as 3000 BC. Egyptians and Jews are believed to have first used the medical resin but historical studies show that Myrrh extract may have also been used in traditional Chinese medicine in the same era. Aside from being useful in the field of medicine, Myrrh extract is also used as a flavoring for food. Today, Myrrh extract is included as among the prime components of many health supplement products for its potential effects in preventing cancer cell growth and enhancing overall wellness through certain activated patterns.

What is Myrrh extract?

Both Myrrh oil and Myrrh extract which are taken from the gum or resin of a short and thorny tree species are used in the medical field as oral health supplement, mouthwash treatment and gargles. Myrrh extract is also applied to skin abrasions and wounds to promote healing and prevent infections associated with breaks in the integrity of the skin. In traditional Chinese medicine, Myrrh extract is also used in aromatherapy to promote relaxation and prevent stress and depression. Many health studies have already been conducted on Myrrh extract and its constituent compounds and nutrients but its exact physiologic effects in the human body are not yet fully determined. Qualitative studies on actual human subjects are intended to be completed to completely observe how Myrrh extract works in promoting overall health.

Health benefits of using Myrrh extract

In the recent decades, scientists have become interested on Myrrh extract after it has been claimed that it may prevent cancer cell growth. Studies were then piloted to determine other health uses of Myrrh extract which may be backed by actual scientific studies. The following are among the potential benefits of Myrrh extract, as found in studies:

  • It may prevent cellular damage

Compounds in Myrrh extract are found to have antioxidant effects which are effective in eliminating toxins and preventing cellular damage. In one study conducted in 2010, it was found that Myrrh extract may be effective in preventing liver cell damage.

  • It may control parasitic growth

Studies have also shown that Myrrh extract may prevent growth of parasitic eggs when taken in the early stages of the parasitic growth development. It is especially effective against fascioliasis infection.

  • It promotes skin health

Myrrh extract supplementation for long periods of time is also shown to help promote skin health as the active components of the extract help maintain moisture. It also regulates microbial growth in the surface of the skin.


Myrrh extract is quite popular both in the ancient and modern world. Some medications are also developed from certain components of Myrrh extract. It is safe and effective for most adult groups.

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