N-Methyltyramine HCL: The Natural Epinephrine from Citrus

N-Methyltyramine HCL

N-Methyltyramine HCL: The Natural Epinephrine from Citrus

On its face as typically seen by individual users, N-MethyltyramineHCl is simply a compound which can promote weight loss and enhance body fitness but in the eyes of experts and health practitioners, N-MethyltyramineHCl is a potential stimulant which can help save lives in many ways. Originally isolated from barley roots in the 1950’s, N-MethyltyramineHCl has been subjected to various clinical studies to establish its safety and efficiency as a stimulant. It was later found to be an effective pressor having potentials as an epinephrine equivalent, although of lesser efficiency. N-MethyltyramineHCl has several health benefits as a natural stimulant which is reason for its inclusion in several health supplement formulations.

What is N-Methyltyramine HCL?

Epinephrine is a naturally-occurring hormone in the body which is significant for responses associated with sympathetic nervous system activation such as rise in blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate and others. It is also associated with enhancing metabolism rate and well as other bodily processes essential for survival. N-MethyltyramineHCl is a compound derived from plant sources which works just like epinephrine. It is classified as a natural phenyltyramine alkaloid drug primarily isolated from citrus fruits. High concentrations of N-MethyltyramineHCl may also be taken from barley.

Health benefits of N-Methyltyramine HCL

Most of the health effects of N-MethyltyramineHCl are typically deducted from its primary benefit as a stimulant. With deeper clinical studies, the claimed health benefits of the drug has been established, although not yet fully, due to lack of human subject studies. The following are some of the benefits of N-MethyltyramineHCl supplementation:

  • It can promote lean muscle development

Boosting metabolism and enhancing fat burn as a potential effect of N-MethyltyramineHCl can result to lean muscle development which can be very beneficial among individuals in the field of bodybuilding. Studies show that N-MethyltyramineHCl increases cardiac output which leads to increased oxygenation and nutrient supply during exercise to help individuals perform extraneous weight loss workouts without feeling exhausted.

  • It may improve mental cognition

The claim on mental cognition improvement as a direct effect of N-MethyltyramineHCl use is mostly accepted by experts, although it is not yet fully established. A clinical study conducted shows that N-MethyltyramineHCl may have contributory effects in the increase of neurotransmitter production as a result of its body stimulating effects which can lead to overall improvement of mental function including learning, memory and concentration.

  • It may enhance insulin secretion

There is only limited understanding on the potential effects of N-MethyltyramineHCl in treating Diabetes mellitus but findings on the drug’s efficiency in enhancing insulin secretion is already well-founded. Insulin is an essential enzyme produced by the body which plays a role in the absorption of glucose in the body cells. By increasing insulin production, the body cells can be provided with adequate sugar levels for energy.


As a stimulant, excessive use of N-MethyltyramineHCl is associated with serious health effects. Atlhough potential in promoting overall health and wellness in various ways, physician’s advice is necessary for N-MethyltyramineHCl use among patients with underlying health conditions.

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