NADH: Energy Cofactor for Effective Weight Control


NADH: Energy Cofactor for Effective Weight Control

Many people say that the compound NADH is nothing more than an ordinary compound claimed to promote weight loss and prevent development of obesity and heart diseases. Beyond the common notion, however, there are many significant health benefits associated with NADH which are not quite known to many individuals. One of the essential uses of the compound NADH is that it serves as a cofactor or a precondition for the occurrence of functions of certain body enzymes. The inclusion of NADH in health supplement formulations is not merely intended to promote fat loss or improve muscle mass. It is intended to improve various bodily processes which are often compromised due to unhealthy lifestyle and other factors.

What is NADH?

The compound NADH, also known as nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) + hydrogen (H), is a naturally-occurring compound in the human body. As a cofactor compound, many vital processes including energy production and metabolism are dependent on the body’s NADH levels. Although the compound still lacks supporting clinical studies to fully establish and understand its mechanisms of action, experts say that factual observations showing changes in human body following NADH deficiency are evidences that it may indeed be necessary. The body produces NADH naturally through diet but in order to maintain adequate NADH levels for long periods of time, experts say that supplementation is advisable.

What are the potential benefits of using NADH?

The health effects of using NADH are not quite new as the compound is generally occurring naturally in the body. The main reason for NADH supplementation is simply to boost vital bodily processes and prevent disease occurrences. The following are some of the most notable health benefits of using NADH supplements:

  • It may treat hypertension

Several studies conducted on NADH have shown that the compound may have contributory effects in reducing blood pressure among individual patients. Experts say that the claim can be explained to be a direct result of the function of the compound in enhancing cellular energy production. It was, however, emphasized that the compound is not intended to replace maintenance medications prescribed for patients suffering from hypertension.

  • It increases energy levels

NADH also helps increase energy levels in the body in order to power up anabolism. There are no established patterns as to how NADH exactly increases energy levels but some experts say that this is made possible by the effects of the compound in enhancing metabolic processes.

  • It may boost cognitive function

Researchers have found that individuals who have undergone NADH supplementation have improved cognitive function, as compared to those who have taken placebo drugs. Improvement in cognition includes memory boost, analytical and critical thinking development and mood control.


As a compound found in the body, there are no risks associated with NADH use, as provided by studies. For safety purposes, however, individuals with severe metabolic conditions must seek physician’s advice prior to use.

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