Naringenin: The unique lung metastasis-fighting flavonoid


Naringenin: The unique lung metastasis-fighting flavonoid

The once ordinary grapefruit has significantly risen into ranks as one of the world’s healthiest fruits when it was discovered to possess a wide array of compounds with antioxidant effects. One of its highlight components, Naringenin, is found to be very effective in preventing prostate cancer by repairing DNA in the nucleus of the cells and preventing genetic mutations from developing. The compound is also concluded to be responsive against multidrug-resistant cancer cells and prevent the cell from metastasizing. Aside from its controlling cancer, Naringenin is currently gaining worldwide attention for its effects in promoting liver health and immunity.

 What is Naringenin?

Naringenin is the most prevalent flavonone or flavonoid compound isolated from the rind of grapefruits. Although dominant in grapefruits, Naringenin does not have massive health effects when eating the fruit since it has very low bioavailability and is easily destroyed by gastric juices. In order to prolong the bioavailability of Naringenin and allow the supplement to work into the bodily organ systems, isolating the compound from the fruit and including it in health supplement formulation is very effective. When added to compounds which prolong bioavailability, Naringenin can promote overall health in various ways.

What are the benefits of using Naringenin?

Since the compound is easily isolated in high amounts from grapefruits, a lot of experts are able to conduct studies involving Naringenin. Several studies show that the health benefits of grapefruit is highly associated with its high Naringenin content, along with other flavonoids such as Naringin. The known benefits of using the compound are the following:

  • It may control metastatic lung cancer

While most flavonoids are known to prevent cancer, only a few members of the family can prevent metastatic cancer, specifically, lung cancer. Lung cancer is one of the most dangerous cancers as it is, in most cases, metastatic. In a certain study conducted, it was found that Naringenin has anti-metastatic properties as it prevents pulmonary fibrosis while improving immunosuppressive lung environment. The action of Naringenin in preventing metastasis in other forms of cancers is not, however, fully established.

  • It Improves Liver Health

The liver is primarily responsible for several digestive functions. Patients with liver disease usually develop atherosclerosis, obesity and even cardiovascular diseases. Studies show that Naringenin supplementation may help improve liver health since the compound stimulates hepatic liver metabolism. In patients with viral hepatitis, it was also found that the compound may help treat the condition by blocking viral growth and distribution.

  • It Boosts Immune System

The compound Naringenin is also shown to boost immune system among individual users by suppressing hypersensitivity and inhibiting proliferation of T-lymphocytes. Patients who are immune-compromised or those with lowered immune system resistance are, however, advised to consult physician prior to using Naringenin-containing health supplements.


Not only is Naringenin a potential cancer-fighting supplement but it can also protect the heart, the liver and the body’s immune system. While considered generally safe within physician-recommended doses, there are no studies showing the potential risks of using Naringenin in high dosages.

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