Neohesperidindihydrochalcone for Better Supplements


Neohesperidindihydrochalcone for Better Supplements

Simply referred to as NHDC, Neohesperidindihydrochalcone is among the top threshold concentration artificial sweeteners discovered during the US Department of Agriculture research program conducted in the 1960’s. Although the compound’s base element, Neohesperidin, has a very bitter taste, the inclusion of a basic chemical in its molecular structure such as Potassium Hydroxide can result to a much sweeter taste up to 1800 times than ordinary sugar. The use of Neohesperidindihydrochalcone as an artificial sweetener has already been approved in various regions including Europe but to this time, it is not yet classified as an officially-accepted compound in the United States.

 What is Neohesperidindihydrochalcone?

Neohesperidindihydrochalcone is a citrus-derived artificial sweetener glycoside having longer shelf life than most of its equivalents. It is typically stable in extreme temperatures and may remain safe following exposure to acidic or basic environment. The compound is commonly used in masking bitter taste of various food products including yogurt and other dairy produces but with the discovery of its synergistic effects when combined with other compounds, various manufacturers of health supplements have already included Neohesperidindihydrochalcone in their drug formulations.

Health benefits of using Neohesperidindihydrochalcone

Supplements containing Neohesperidindihydrochalcone can be very helpful especially among patients who are unable to tolerate sugar intake due to illnesses such as Diabetes Mellitus. Some of the known health benefits of using the compound include the following:

  • It may work against cancer

Following approval for use as an artificial sweetener by the European Union, various studies were initiated to discover some of the potential health benefits of using Neohesperidindihydrochalcone. One of the most important findings is the potential radical scavenging activities of the compound which can lead to the elimination of cancer-causing free radicals in the body. Moreover, experts have found that the compound may help control protein degradation and induce programmed cell death of potential cancer cells.

  • It may help prevent rapid aging

Although the claim that artificial sweeteners like Neohesperidindihydrochalcone may help prevent rapid aging is not yet fully founded, several intensive studies may lead to a derived conclusion that the compound may indeed prevent cell degeneration. The antioxidant effects of Neohesperidindihydrochalcone contribute to the effective elimination of toxins in the body which destroy cells and cause rapid aging. By regulating bodily detoxification, the compound can help promote healthy body cell growth and control somatic cell destruction.

  • It improves pharmaceutical drug taste

Majority of problems associated with pharmaceutical drug use is not on the inefficiency of the drug but is more commonly associated with the inability of patients to swallow the bitter medication. Most health supplement manufacturers include Neohesperidindihydrochalcone in their product formulations not only for its anti-cancer effects but also to make the supplement palatable.


The key element to a better health supplement is a good taste. Neohesperidindihydrochalcone can make anything taste sweeter and make the health supplement experience better.

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