Nerve Cell Regeneration with Gastrodin: Most Significant Finding


Nerve Cell Regeneration with Gastrodin: Most Significant Finding

Long-term brain protection from toxins, stress and trauma is the key element to longevity and wellness. While many compounds used in health supplement formulations are claimed to have neuro-protective properties, only a few elements have been proven to protect nerve cells through actual human subject studies. Among the compounds which have long been studied upon for its potential effects in maintaining healthy brain environment is the natural phenol Gastrodin. For centuries, Traditional Chinese Medicine has used Gastrodin in the treatment of several ordinary disorders like migraines and headaches. Later, however, experts have found that there is more to the compound than just a treatment for common everyday conditions.

What is Gastrodin?

The compound Gastrodin is typically isolated from an Asian oriental orchid most prevalent in some regions of China. While early medical practitioners in various Asian countries used the orchid in making medicines, it was only in the recent years when experts were able to establish patterns on the pharmacodynamics of Gastrodin. The most important finding on Gastrodin which is currently being subjected to intensive clinical studies is the claim that it may cause “regeneration” of body cells, including neurons. Experts say that if the compound can indeed enhance brain cell regeneration, it can be developed into a treatment for the still incurable degenerative disorders Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia.

Health benefits of Gastrodin

Majority of the health benefits of using the compound Gastrodin are associated with brain function as the drug is proven to potentially cross the blood brain barrier. As provided in clinical studies, the following are the health benefits of Gastrodin supplementation:

  •  It increases blood flow to the brain

The brain receives nourishment and oxygenation necessary for sustenance only through efficient blood circulation. Among elderly patients and individuals suffering from certain conditions, blood flow towards the brain is often compromised due to factors including viscosity of the blood. Studies show that Gastrodin supplementation may help increase blood flow towards the brain, leading to improvement in overall mental function. Although experts are still looking into the exact explanation as to how Gastrodin improves brain circulation, actual clinical studies show that patients who take Gastrodin supplements developed improved memory, analysis and concentration.

  • It increases GABA levels

GABA is a neurotransmitter naturally produced by the brain which primarily functions to help individuals deal with the debilitating effects of stress. In simplest terms, GABA is the neurotransmitter that “slows things down”. Gastrodin, according to studies, helps stimulate GABA production during acute exposure to stress. It also improves mental performance even in a stressful condition.

  •  It may prevent stroke

Stroke or cerebrovascular accident is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality throughout the world. Although the exact cause of the disorder varies among individual cases, studies show that a high percentage of stroke victims previously suffered from neurotransmitter changes. Gastrodin helps regulate neurotransmitter balance in the brain and is claimed to help prevent stroke.


The number of individuals suffering from degenerative brain disorders can now be reduced with the development of medications with Gastrodin. Aside from its proven efficiency, the compound is also known to be completely safe.

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